Gender: 2
Race: Haradhrim
Height: 6'2
Age: Early maturity
Family: None
Animals: Ferret
Weapons: Scimitar, Bow/Arrows

Personality: A smooth but rarely talking man of some cunning, Dekrhûd is prone to concealing his true intentions. As a spy for the Dark Lord, this is a great and important skill. Ruthless though he is, he seems never to anger, never to give in to any emotions. A very calm, cool customer. Not hugely enamoured with being on the errands of Sauron, he sometimes seems to make excuses, but on the whole being a seemingly not unlikeable man, he generally slips out of trouble with oily lies and deceit. Quietly spoken, he has a tone of some command in his stance, which he assumes without effort.

Appearance: A bronze skinned man in prime of life, Dekrhûd would look to make a worthy warrior. However, one rarely sees him in battle wear, rather that of a traveller, an outcast. His clothes are exotic, but worn, though they do well to cover mostly any weaponry he may carry. When travelling, he is often in his canoe-like boat - a one-man boat of very little weight, that's proportions allow him to carry it on his back, like a turtle with a shell, when not on a river. His features are vaguely oriental in flavouring, but it is his colourings that shows more his race - dark gold skin, and ebony hair that matches his eyes. Wiry of limb, he is stronger than he looks. While obviously foreign, he looks friendly enough, if very unemotional.


His father died in battle with Gondor when Dekrhûd was very young, and thus his older brother raised him. However, before his twelth birthday, Dekrhûd had turned his own brother in to the Haradhrim authorities for treachery. Having spent much of his youth in Umbar before moving west to Near-Harad, he has quite some skill with a boat. Later, though, he fought and trained for Mordor’s army, and was captain of patrols for several years. However, because skill in secrecy and wilderness, and seniority, Dekhrûd is sent out as a spy – not in patrol, but lone. He reports back to Sauron’s captains sporadically, but is well-respected enough for a lack of reliability to go unnoticed.

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