Gender: female
Race: Elf
Height: 5'4''
Age: 1034
Location: Born in Mirkwood, now travels.
Family: Her father is an Elf from Mirkwood, and has little regard for her mother, who faded from grief after losing her only son, Eleniel's older brother, to battle.
Weapons: Her dark colored bow.

Personality: Eleniel is cool and formal, sometimes to the point of being unfriendly. She is kind, though, to those who are nearset to her, after she develops a taste for their friendship and company. She is guarded and will occasionally not want to be bothered with questions or prattle when a quick decision needs to be made.

Appearance: Dark hair, near the black of night. Shorter, but strong enough to hold her own gound. Pale skin, gleaming green eyes.


Her father lives in Mirkwood alongside King Thranduil, her mother faded from grief. Her brother perished in battle, and now Eleniel cannot bear to be rooted to one place like the trees she so dearly loves. She now wanders the earth, seeing sights, and sometimes returns home to have fellowship with her kin.

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