Race: Brainiac
Height: 6'2
Age: 200
Family: Gokin-husband, Empress Hadayki-mother
Animals: A Cerebroian husky named Takai, that stays at home
Weapons: none

Personality: She's very quite, and resevered but can be very stubborn.

Appearance: Long black hair that falls to her waist, Silver eyes w/ a hint of blue, elf like ears, similar brain to Betazeds, it is impossible to tell her age at first glance, she wears dark colors and some bright colors.


On Cerebro women run the goverment and her mother is known as the Emperess. The Emperess asks her to join Star Flet, to see if it is worth joining. She does and tells her mother about the benefeits of joining. She served under two other captians before replacing Denna Troi on the U.S.S. Enterprise (TNG). One was Captian Archer(Enterprise XL-01), the other was Captain Magnasatra(Heran). She switches ships three times before she retires to act as ambasador, she never got promoted to Admirl, but was offered it and refused. She visits her mother when she can but it is hard for her planet(Cerebro) in on the outer rim of the universe. At Star Base 205, her husband arrives as a Luteniant Commander and Eneginer-to replace Gordi-, for the Enterprise. She is given Counselor Troi’s position and all the benefits and privliages of the rank. She and her husband, Gokin move into Troi’s old quaters and continue about thier lives. She will eventually become an abasador of her people when Jean-Luc Piccard dies.

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