Gender: female
Race: Elf
Height: 5' 8"
Age: 2916
Location: Mirkwood or Rivendell
Family: Daughter to Elrond of Rivendell, sister to Arwen and the twins.
Animals: White Mearas called Sharee, falcon
Weapons: Bow, long knives, sword, throwing knives

Personality: Quiet unless she feels the need to speak, hides in shadows most of the time to observe.

Appearance: An elf-like shadow with silver-white hair to the small of her back, around 5' 8'', silver-blue eyes. She is lithe and slightly muscular, able to silently fly with long strides through even the most noise-producing places and draw a great war-bow from the people of Lothlorien.


Rea was born of Elrond and Celebrain in Rivendell, many years before Arwen. She felt the need to travel Middle-Earth and met Legolas, the two becoming fast friends. They often train together with Aragorn (who they had met, having been inbetween the Hobbit and LoTR timelines) and go on long journeys for fun. Rea often returns home to be with her family, traveling out again just as often.

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