– Consultants for Elvish:The Vairë SSG Team would like to thank Malinornë, Lambengolmo and Gwendeth of CoE for their valuable advice and help with Elvish pronunciations and stresses.

– General layout and coding: Dolwen of the SSG team.

– Family trees creator: Dolwen of the SSG team.

– Maps editor: LadyBrooke of the realm of Vairë.

– Chief editor and factography/language proofreader: ~nólemë~ of the SSG team.

– Chief artist permission askers: Gwenniel, LadyBrooke, ~nólemë~, ElwingAndEarendil.

image hunting team: the following members of the realm of Vairë: Eomer_Sister, LadyBrooke, Dolwen, Gwenniel, ElwingandEarendil, ~nólemë~


~nólemë~ (Pronunciation Guide; Index; Noldor- collab; Vanyar; Men; Dwarves; Wars and Battles; Weapons; Miscellaneous; Chapter Summaries; Credits)
Dolwen (Introduction; Dictionary of Archaic Words- collab; Teleri; Places; Objects)
Gwenniel (Noldor- collab; Creatures & Others; Plants)
Eomer_Sister (Eru, Valar & Maiar; Dictionary of Archaic Words- collab)

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