A tiny chapter (2 pages long!) telling of the meeting and marriage of Elwë and Melian the Maia.

– Melian was a Maia who dwelt in the gardens of Lórien. She was extremely beautiful and highly skilled in enchantment. When she sang, all around would fall silent to listen to her.
– When the Elves awoke in Cuiviénen, she left Valinor and went to Middle-earth, filling the silence before the dawn with her voice and the voices of her birds.

– Elwë met Melian when he was in the woods of Nan Elmoth, where he had wandered while his people were resting near the end of the Great Journey.
– Elwë heard Melian sing, and her voice filled his heart with wonder and desire. He forgot his people and his purpose, and passed deeper into the woods when he found Melian in a glade open to the stars. Immediately filled with love, Elwë went to her.
– As he took her hand, a spell was laid on him and they stood still in the glade together while long years passed.
– Elwë’s folk searched for him, but could not find him, and Olwë took charge of the majority of the Teleri and departed.

– In later days, he became King of the Umanyar, and was known as Greymantle or Thingol. His people became known as the Sindar, the Grey-elves. He took Melian as his wife, and together they ruled in Menegroth, in the land of Doriath. Their daughter was Lúthien.

– Thingol was the only Sindar ever to see the Trees.

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