By Cassie Claire

Day 1:

Bad breakup with Isildur. As if the pervy hobbit-fancying wasn’t bad enough, he would insist on wearing tacky gold jewelry against my advice. Confirms my suspicions that humans not just weakest race of Middle-Earth, but also cannot accessorize worth a damn.

NB: Big battle, we won, Sauron defeated. Plundered Barad-dur but notable lack of pretty things to take home. Sauron’s decorating tastes definitely running towards black, knobbly, tattered look. So not me.

Day 3:

Isildur set upon by orcs and killed. Told him his poor dress sense would attract all the wrong sorts.

Day 200045:

So bored in Rivendell. Have decided to hold council meeting and name it after myself. Will invite all eligible males of Middle-Earth who have nothing better to do on a weekend to come. Go me!

Hope Legolas does not attend; still remember party in Second Age where he disappeared mysteriously, along with two gallons of my favorite strawberry bath suds, a bottle of olive oil, and three of those tiny hobbit creatures from the Shire Isildur was so strangely fond of.

Day 200048:

Drat. Legolas first one to RSVP to my party invitation. Wish he would not use scented pink stationary as makes me sneeze. Did however offer to bring game of Twister to play. Along with disco ball I borrowed from Sauron back in First Age, should make for quite the party.

Day 200050:

Unexpected surprise as Gandalf stopped by, apparently just to have a whinge about big fight he had with Saruman. Tuned him out — do I look like an Agony Aunt? Why does everyone come to me with problems?

Day 200051:

Gandalf does not like Twister idea and has rejected my suggestion of a polka music theme for the Council. Instead insists we sit around and talk about boring old fate of Middle Earth, defeat of ultimate evil, blah blah blah. Don’t see why we all have to suffer just because Isildur couldn’t give up his jewelry habit.

Day 200059:

Gandalf made me return disco ball to Sauron. Told me to sort out my priorities. He should talk — he’s the one who attracted a crowd this afternoon with that pointy hat trick he likes to do. Glorfindel so horrified by pointy hat trick he would not stop sobbing spasmodically until was calmed by liberal application of hobbit weed. New generation of elves such wimps.

Day 200061:

Everyone finally arrived for party — oh wait, I mean boring-ass Secret Council Meeting. Ponced off myself to have a sulk, and bumped into smallest hobbit hanging about the greensward. Took him for inanimate lawn ornament at first, but soon was furnished with proof that he was very much alive. Says his name is Pippin. Perhaps Isildur was onto something with all those hobbits after all.

Day 200068:

All right, who’s been using all my strawberry bath bubbles?

Certainly wasn’t Aragorn, judging by the state of *his* hair.

Day 200071:

Loud giggly splashy noises emanating from first floor bathroom. No one can get in. Legolas practicing his nancing in the meeting hall, Boromir hanging about the shards of Narsil, obviously hoping Aragorn will show up, and Gandalf still breaking in new pointy hat. Tried to have a quiet think in the garden only to discover someone had dug up all the carrots. Is there no peace to be had?

Day 200072:

Refused to let Arwen attend Council of Elrond, as if she does, she will certainly notice I have borrowed her tiara.

Tiara looks better on me anyway.

Day 200075:

Council very boring. Got to say “DOOM” a few times in v. dramatic voice but am afraid Ringbearer was not impressed as was busy fending off advances of Aragorn, who was making all sorts of suggestive sword comments. He better watch it. Sam will kill him if he tries anything.

Tried to cheer self up by trying on favorite purple dress of Arwen’s, but am fairly sure someone was watching as could hear tittering noise coming from broom closet. Do not see what is so funny — purple dress looks fabulous on me.

Day 200076:

Fellowship leaving tomorrow. Decided to give Pippin goodbye tour of Rivendell. In process, purple dress got all stretched out of shape. Hope Arwen does not notice — she gets so grabby about her things, and since they’ve closed the Gap of Rohan, probably no way to get another dress like it.

Pippin told me purple is so my color. Go me!

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