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Aragorn and Arwen

Description: A card of Aragorn and Arwen on the bridge at Rivendell.

Date Submitted: July 19, 2006

Evenstar Love

Description: The Evenstar...

Date Submitted: July 19, 2006

Faramir & Eowyn

Description: Faramir and Eowyn

Date Submitted: September 6, 2006

Front Gate

Description: My front gate is always open. Art by Alan Lee.

Date Submitted: July 21, 2006

Love poem

Description: Love poem

Date Submitted: November 16, 2006

Love you

Description: Aragorn and Arwen kissing -perfect to give to your sweet!

Date Submitted: July 11, 2006

Simple Love

Description: In the end love is that simple

Date Submitted: July 24, 2006


Description: Rosie and Sam in their wedding. They look so happy together! :)

Date Submitted: July 30, 2006