Site Rules

1) The Council has somewhat stricter rules than some other sites. We do not tolerate rude, or inflammatory remarks made against the characters, actors, or other site members. You may state your opinion, of course, but please always think about how others may perceive your words before posting in the forum or gallery.

2) If you run into any technical difficulties on the site, please look through the FAQ or forums before contacting an admin.

3) If at any time you do have a problem that the FAQ doesn’t answer, or if you are having problems with another member, don’t hesitate to Private Message Rivka or any other admin/mod.

4) Please take the time to read the site rules, listed in the CoE Announcements forum.

5) If a mod or admin contacts you regarding a post or comment, please take them seriously. They are contacting you for the good of the site overall; it’s not a personal thing on their part. Please don’t get rude with them, just because they’re doing their job by reminding you of the rules.

6) If you have trouble logging in or any other issues with your account, please contact [email protected].

Forum Rules

1) Please post topics in the appropriate forums. If you want to swoon over Legolas, do so in the
casting forum, and not in the movies forum. Any off-topic posts will be moved to the appropriate forum or deleted.

2) Before posting a new topic, please be sure to see if anyone else has posted on your topic already. Duplicate
posts will be deleted.

3) Be sure to indicate in the topic message if you are including any spoilers in your post.

4) Be respectful of others. No flaming, rudeness, or name-calling will be allowed. Trolls will be banned. Hate speech, anti-gay or homophobic comments, and racist remarks will be dealt with swiftly and with zero tolerance.

5) Please be aware that children may be viewing this forum. No profanity or inappropriate sexual discussion is allowed.

6) No advertising of your own website (links to it within topic are allowed. For example if people are looking for a picture of something specific that you have on your site, including a link to it within your post is okay.) You may include a link to
your site within your signature.

7) Please keep sig files no more than a few lines long. Do not clutter up the forum with 10-line long sigs, or slow loading images. If the staff feels your sig file is breaking this rule, you will be contacted.

8 ) Please refrain from using all caps in your posts–this is considered flaming. Also, please do not use irregular characters or lots of exclamation points in your thread titles–they make the titles difficult to read.

9) Please do not post single line posts (things like only saying “I agree” or “LOL that’s so funny”) or pointless posts just to raise your post count. This is known as “post slutting” and we don’t like it.

10) Please read our post on forum decorum.

11) Please refrain from “machine gun posting” which is posting several posts in a very short period. This is especially important in the RPG Forum — post thoughtful and well-written things, and use the Chat room for fast paced RPGing.

12) Please do not post suicide threats or thoughts in the forums, or anything related to self-harm. Council of Elrond is not the appropriate venue to express such feelings.

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