Help Support the CoE!

Some members have been asking for ways that they can help support the site. We want you to knowthat we appreciate all such offers, and that it is very sweet of you to be thinking of us. Thissite is so great because of members like you!

Here are a handful of ways that you can support the site, and not all of them are monetary 😉

1) Donate through (they take out 15%) or at Paypal (they take out ~3%). Or, send check or cash to:

Rebecca Smallwood
P.O. Box 3401
Tustin, CA 92781-3401

All funds are used towards defraying the costs of the site/server/etc.

2) Purchase items in the Store. If you know you’re going to buy that item anyway, clicking through on the item in the store will give us an affiliate bonus.

3) Purchase CoE related merchandise:

Have you been wanting to buy a t-shirt to show your CoE pride? Well, now’s your chance!Check out the t-shirts and other products that we have available througha couple of different stores. All profits are used to help defray the costs of the site.

Walking Hobbits & Hobbit Feet: Amy Fallo

4) Read the volunteer opportunities in the forum.

We really do appreciate any things that people can do to help the site, big or small! If you have any other suggestions on how members could help the site, don’t hesitate to let an admin know.

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