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Overall Admin

Rivka — Head Site Admin

So, I have to admit, I never read LotR before seeing the movie. Or I should say, I never get very far into it the several times I did try to read it. I loved the Hobbit as a kid, but I just never could get into LotR. Well, then I saw the movie and got totally caught up in it– read the books within a couple of days, went out and bought the Silmarillion, and started this site. But I knew I couldn’t run it alone, so I begged all these other wonderful people to join me 🙂 I’m generally in charge of underlying structure and the overall maintenance of the site, as well as delegating and overseeing the rest of the staff; so if you run into any problems, please let me know.

I’m the resident Frodo fanatic–be warned!

Section Admins

gwendeth — Accounts Admin/Sindarin Forum Moderator

Le suilannon, mellyn nín! Hello, my friends! I’m gwendeth, and I’m one of those folks who didn’t get ‘into’ LoTR or JRR Tolkien until after I’d seen the first movie. I didn’t read the books until afterwards. But, what interested me the most, was learning Sindarin.

I “happened” to find COE via a link from another site. I registered the moment I got on, and except for when I’m sleeping, I’ve rarely been off! I started “hanging out” in the Languages Section, and then into the Forums. What impressed me the most was that all of the folks here are so terrific, and I’ve made quite a few “long distance” friendships that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

As the Account Admin, my duties are (basically) to help with user problems, for example, passwords not working. I also do name changes (when approved 😉 ), and answer user account questions.

morwenna — News Admin 
I was introduced to the world of Tolkien in 1972 when I received Lord of the Rings as a Christmas present and I’ve been a fan ever since. I initially resisted seeing the films as I feared they would destroy my view of Tolkien’s world. However, another Christmas present, this time in 2002, of the Fellowship of the Ring video made me realise my fears were groundless.

I joined this site in 2003. I can’t recall how I first found CoE, I was either looking for pictures of Legolas or following a link to the Very Secret Diaries. Which ever it was when I arrived at CoE I was impressed by its content and friendliness and I’ve been hooked on the site ever since. Not a day goes by when I don’t visit (unless I’m on holiday and even then I’ve been known to visit an internet café to check up on the site!).

My role at CoE is seeking out news items to post on the front page. Although things went a little quiet after the movies were over I’m excited by the news that The Hobbit may be made into a film.

Morwinyoniel — Gallery Admin

I didn’t find Tolkien’s books until as an adult, yet long before there was even any talk about live action movies. I borrowed The Lord of the Rings from a friend, loved the story, and acquired it and The Hobbit to myself as well. Later, another friend introduced me to the Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales, and after that, there was no return.

It was PJ’s movies though that brought me to Tolkien themed websites. On a smaller website, someone linked to the Council of Elrond; I followed the link, lurked for a while, liked what I saw, and registered. On this site, my task is to oversee the Gallery – just contact me if you have anything related to the Gallery on your mind!

Malinornë — FAQ Admin/Quenya Forum Moderator
I first read LOTR in my early teens and have reread it almost every year since then; I just don’t want to leave the beautiful world Tolkien has created! Languages in general has been a general interest for a long time, but it wasn’t until after the second movie that I incidentally found a website that made me realize that some of Tolkien’s languages are complete enough to be studied and used. I started out learning Quenya at that time and discovered CoE a month later, when I was looking for a Sindarin course. And I haven’t left the language section since then!

I mod the Quenya subforum, write lesson summaries and exercises for the Quenya workbook, and check these exercises. Ma merilyë quetë i yára lambë Eldaiva? (Do you want to speak the ancient language of the elves?)
I also maintain the site FAQ.

Dolwen — Store Admin

Hi, I’m Dolwen. I first discovered Tolkien after Fellowship came out on dvd. Shortly after I saw Two Towers in theaters and went out and bought the box set books and I was hooked. I wanted to know more about the wonderful world Tolkien created, which led me to read The Sil, Unfinished Tales and the HoMe series. I also enjoy collecting LotR items.

I first found CoE in 2004 while looking of Sindarin lessons. I visited often for a few months and then became a member. My job on this site is to manage the CoE store. I am responsible for removing old items, adding new ones and making sure everything is working properly.

Tulcadhiel_Greenleaf — News Admin

I started reading Tolkien a few years ago. Before that, I had no idea what it was until my mom recommended I read it. I started with The Hobbit, then of course went on to the Trilogy. It took a long three and a half months of my summer, but I finished it ready to see the movies, which I hadn’t known exsisted until I saw a preview for them.

Now I have read all the books multiple times, as well as any other Tolkien works I can get my hands on. Besides LOTR, I enjoy reading and writing in general. Besides the elves, I particurally love the horses in LOTR. Horses have been my passion my whole life, long before I knew about the books. As often as I can, I’m riding, training horses, giving lessons, and just enjoying equines. I love the role they play in LOTR, and think that they are just as great characters as any human, elf, hobbit, dwarf, or wizard in the books.

I am now so happy to be a News Admin for the site, a job with a perfect mix of two of my favorite things, the Lord of the Rings and writing.

cirdaneth — Books Admin/Books Forum Moderator

Hello! I’m cirdaneth. I am Books Forum Moderator with PotbellyHairyfoot. I own so many books I should probably get the floors strengthened!

I read LotR in 1956 soon after it was published, and have read it every two years since, so about 27 times with 14 of them being aloud to someone else. I have also read The Hobbit, The Silmarillion, The Unfinished Tales, and all of HoME. I bought that in three hardback volumes reckoning that paperbacks would quickly fall apart from handling. I’m into them all the time. I also have the Biography and the Letters. Recently I acquired Hammond and Scull’s Chronology and Readers’ Guide which is a revelation. Next stop is Tales from the Perilous Realm, Finn and Hengest, Tree and Leaf, Monsters and Critics and a recap on Sir Gawain and Beowulf. Not exactly “chick-lit” for the beach, but I always did like something meatier … Sean Bean would do, except that he’s young enough to be my son. Heigh-ho!

Having mentioned Sean, I have to say that the films have added more to my enjoyment and Howard Shore’s music is a joy and a solace. Music is another of my loves. At one time I was a professional folk singer specialising in the big English and Celtic Ballads, that tell “the great tales; the ones you always remember” Tam Lynn, Clerk Saunders, Childe Maurice etc. There are many echoes of them in Tolkien’s work. It’s a specialised area and won’t earn anyone a living so it was combined with running a climber’s hostel and mountain rescue post in Glen Torridon, NW Scotland. I can still sing a bit, but I don’t rescue mountains any more. I live in a hobbity little cottage in the Peak District National Park, UK. Surrounded by rolling green hills.

PotbellyHairyfoot — Site Admin; also News admin, Book Club and Discuss the Books Forum Moderator
I first read Tolkien in 1972 when I was 19 and I’ve read it pretty well once each year. Since then I’ve always been a fan but my interest started to really intensify once I heard about PJ making the movie trilogy. I joined Decipher’s ‘Official Fan Club’ in 2001, but it seemed a bit lacking in content so I searching for more Interesting Tolkien sites- that is until I found this one in July 2002 and immediately stopped looking.

The style of this site and the enthusiasm of the staff and membership made me feel welcome immediately. I felt that that CoE was going to get better and bigger as time went on. Time has certainly proved me correct as we are now one of the best all-round Tolkien sites on the world wide web.

A few months after joining I was asked to help moderate the Role Playing forum. Later, due to staffing vacancies I volunteered to add some other forums to my duties and I now moderate or assist with the Role Playing, Book Club, and Discuss the Books Forums.

~nólemë~ — Fan Creations Admin and Forum Moderator
Hello! I first discovered Tolkien’s work at the age of twelve, when I read The Hobbit and enjoyed it tremendously. However, I only became a fan after the movies came out and I was persuaded to give The Fellowship of the Ring a chance. I read the books afterwards, followed by The Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales.

I also started browsing the internet for galleries and fan sites, which is how I discovered CoE. Liking what I saw here, I became a member eventually. I took longer to join the forums, and even longer to choose and join a realm.

I have a soft spot for First Age Elves. I read fanfiction, draw fanart, and I administrate Fanfiction and Creations Corner. I also moderate the Creations Forum. If you have any comments or questions about any of those, just drop me a PM.

Erucenindë — Last Homely House Admin
Hi, I am Erucenindë, or Eruce for short. I live in Texas, USA with my husband and all my animal “children”! I was first introduced to Tolkien’s world when I watched The Fellowship back in 2002, thanks to my parents. I watched The Two Towers after that, and even though I was slightly confused, loved the story! It was great to see ROTK in theaters. My brother was the one who first told me that the movies were actually based on a book! I read the book, and still love to read it periodically. Such a great adventure! I have also read The Hobbit.

I found COE when googling for pictures, and it wasn’t long before I joined. I remember it being so huge to me! I stuck around however, and here I am still.

I am the admin for the Last Homely House, keeping it clean and tidy! There you can find many articles about cooking, costuming, decorating, and much more. And it all has to do with LOTR! I also moderate every submission that comes in to the Last Homely House. Feel free to PM me if you need assistance!


BelleBayard — Prancing Pony Forum Moderator

Read JRRT years and years ago, but the movie just yanked me right back to the books. Now I’m totally immersed in Middle Earth. As co-moderator in the Prancing Pony (as well as a member of the Realm of Ulmo), I find myself drawn also to the Movie and Books forum to garner all the information I can. I live with the Silmarillion and various other Tolkien resources at my desk and try to squeeze every spare moment out of my day to study about Middle Earth. Hardly an expert; I just love his universe and want to be as knowledgable as possible. I can’t even remember how I found The Council of Elrond, but I can’t imagine being without it. Go through serious withdrawal when I can’t visit at least once a day.

Figwit — Book Club Moderator
Being a big fan of both the movies and the books, CoE has been my internet home for quite a while now. It took me a long time, but I finally managed to find the perfect job for me: as moderator of the Book Club forum I have to read the books methodically and find interesting points to discuss. The point of the BC is to provide readers, especially of the new variety, with some food for thought, so the ride Tolkien takes you on is not only exciting but also interesting.

I also oversee the Books vs. Movies Section, where you can find articles comparing book chapters and movie scenes in great detail, linking to other articles, sections or illustrations on the site. You can also find me in the Gallery, where I delete the comments everyone wants to make… but no one may.

Keterai — Collectibles/Palantir Forum Moderator

Hey! I’m Keterai, Ket for short. I guess you could say I’m a lifelong fan of Tolkien. The first book that I can recall being read to was The Hobbit. I’ve always loved reading his works and have read The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit several times. When I first heard about the movie I was thrilled! I couldn’t be happier with the way the movies have turned out so far (with one or two nitpicks, but then, who doesn’t have their nitpicks?). I first came to CoE back in February of 2003. I was so impressed with the friendliness and charisma of the board I dropped anchor and haven’t left since!

I am one of the mods for the Collectibles forum and the Palantir. You can also often find me in the chat. To discuss non-LOTR movies pop over to the Palantir. There’s always an open chair. 🙂

Rosearialelven — Many Meetings/Green Dragon Inn/Casting Forum Moderator

I first heard about Tolkien in 1978 when I went to see the infamous Bakshi animated movie ‘The Lord of the Rings’ … sad fact, I love it!! Lol!! I have to admit that I thought Tolkien was Russian and never thought about reading the books.

When my son told me that they were making a movie of LotR, I had my doubts, but was overwhelmed when I went to see the first one. I bought the Hobbit and the three books of LotR, and was hooked. My favourite character is Sam, both in the books and the movies. I do, however, have a leaning towards Haldir, as those who know me will tell. 😀

I found CoE in December 2003 when I was surfing the internet at work, looking for images to put on my desktop. I registered and have been here ever since on this amazing site!! I am Moderator for the Many Meetings, The Green Dragon Inn and the Casting Forums. I am also proud to be Chief Weeper (Head) of the Realm of Nienna. And, in my spare time, lol, I am Official Welcome Wagoneer 😀

Gondolinian — Newbies Forum Moderator

Hi! I’m gondolinian, but I mostly go around by the name Errandir of Gondolin. As most people I only got involved in the world of Tolkien after the release of FOTR. I didn’t see the movie first, but it was the soundtrack that convinced me to go and watch it. After that… I was hooked. I started buying and reading the books, not only LOTR but also the Sil, The Hobbit and the Unfinished Tales. To me, the world of LOTR is not only a story but a vision of life, a lifestyle like no other.
I found the site years ago when looking for LOTR pictures, but I didn’t become a member. One night when I felt lonely, I joined to go to the chat and the kindness of the people made me feel better instantly. But it took me half a year before I went back to it. Ever since then, I’m addicted… I met my best friends on the site; it’s such a warm place to be.
I’m the newbies mod… welcoming new members, who might get lost on the huge site, or who just need some help with things. Since we all were newbies once, weren’t we!

  awelyn418 — Prancing Pony Forum Moderator

Hello! My name is awelyn418, but you can call me awelyn.

It was about three years ago at the prompting of my son that I read The Hobbit. I liked it, but when I got home I was browsing in the book section of my local K-mart and found the LOTR trilogy in one book. I bought it at a reduced price and brought it home. I started reading and I could not put it down. I had seen the movies but after reading the book they really came alive for me. I still to this day if I start reading LOTR I can’t stop reading until I finish it. I was caught up in Middle Earth hook,line and sinker. I am a ringer, a Tolkien fanatic, or any other term that would describe how I feel when I read J.R.R.Tolkien’s works of literature.

One day, wanting to find people that feel the same way as I do about Tolkien, I stumbled across COE online. I was greeted by Rose who suggested I go to FOF and I did and found a great group of people. I am a member of the Realm of Lorien and they are great too. I was asked to become a moderator and considered it for a couple of days and waited and was trained and here I am, very grateful to COE and all members for making my journey with Tolkien so remarkable.

 tarcolan — Site Admin – Movie Forum Moderator

I was introduced to ‘The Hobbit’ by my big sister when I was ten. Then I moved on to LOTR, only ten years after it was published, which I read whilst listening to Sibelius. Like many others I refused to believe that a film could do justice to the story, so I was amazed and slightly annoyed when I finally gave in and watched the films. Amazed at how well they had portrayed Middle Earth, and annoyed that Howard Shore had produced a Sibelius-like score. Not fair! I was hooked. Then of course I had to read the book again, just to get the story straight. Then I had to watch the extended version, read the book again, watch the… well you get the idea.

During my readings I came up with many questions and I chose the Council Of Elrond site to bother people for answers. I was not disappointed. I have hung around being annoying ever since, and was invited aboard the good ship COE as a Movie forum moderator in May 2013, and since then I’ve never looked back (for fear of the whips).

 Evil~Shieldmaiden — Games Forum Moderator

Well met! I’m Evil~Shieldmaiden, more informally known as ES. I have been reading Tolkien since the early 70’s. I possess all of the books, including all volumes of The History of Middle Earth. I have read and enjoy all of the books, although I must confess to being a dyed in the wool Silmarillion fan.
I first found CoE when I finally purchased my first computer about four or five years ago (in my early dotage), and was looking for Tolkien-based sites to see if I could find like-minded aficionados. I quickly found a home in the Realm of Vairë Weaver where I rose in the ranks of the Corrupted faction to become its nominal leader.
I love playing games and look forward to being your new Games mod.

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