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Post Woods of Illusion (free)
on: April 12, 2004 10:24
((NOTE: Please see OOC thread for details, a tiny bit scripted in the beginning, but beyond that you control your character's actions))

The wind blew softly through the giant trees. The soft ground covered here and there with a level of shrubbery. The sun shines high in the sky, with clouds dotting the horizon.

You enter the woods, there is no sign of warning from what lives within. Only a old trail weaving in and out from between the trees.

Perhaps you are here to test your own mental state, to see how strong you are. Or perhaps you had no choice but to pass through here on your journey.

Or worst of all, perhaps you are lost.

The woods seem friendly, normal, easy traveling. Once inside, you look behind suspiciously, almost expecting the bushes to join together and thorns to spring from the woods and seal your way out.

Nothing at all. Looks all the same. You hear wood sounds, the wind, leaves rustling in the trees from the wind. But strangely, there is no animal sounds. Not even in the distance can a bird's song be heard.

You continue on warily.

From the nook of a tree, a figure lounges, coloured in dark brown and dark green colours. Cat-like eyes flickering in the light, watching lazily. Below it another figure hangs by a leg hooked onto the tree branch. Draped in rich green colours, a shirt, pants, and a shawl-like piece of material draped over one arm.

Zox looks up to the creature above him, devious dealings in his grey seed-dotted eyes.

"How do you suppose they will stand up to the game?" he asks, not expecting the creature to answer as he falls from the branch and lands silently on the ground. He blows in your direction a breath, casting a illusion around you.

The first test, a hive of yellow-jackets surround you, about to attack.

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