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Post final fantasy stupid
on: July 20, 2004 10:42
((i'm makeing a flash movie to go on newgrounds and flashplayer.com and i thought why not start up a rp here and see if it goes anyway the way i've planned the flash movie to go. though it is doughtfull.... think of the ironey..... doing an rp of an rp game of an rp flash movie. the horrible ironey!!!!))

this is the story of friends and dreams, alliances and wars.
and of coarse really crappy spelling.
our story begins in a world where a disease has currupted the world leaders this deisease is known as the stupid deasease! many sciantists let themselfs fall to such a horrible diesease and drove themselves mad with their own stupidity.
but one day a fairy known as twinkle discovers the secret cure to the stupid desease but alas before she could write it own she too caught the deseise many quetioned her after about what the cure could be but all she could answer was
"hee hee! pixie sticks!" the world and the race of man seemed doomed but 100 years later, twinkle awoke to her usal day of stupidity when the first inteligent though for a centery arived in her head. she remembered the cure and she told her nurse that the cure was hidden beneif the stone off doom within the volcano of terror at the end of the world! many brave warriors tried to claim the antidote but all failed because they where affected by the stupid desease when ever they got too close. finaly the world leaders thought up an engeneouse plan! send a person who was alreadystupid! so the message was sent through out the land for such a person, now we arrive at the village
dumbington to see one of our heros awaken.......

Keiko cuddled up to her blankets and gave a yawn, she din't want to get up she wanted to lay in bed all day but she could hear her mother coming up the stairs to her room in the attic to give her, her breakfast in bed.
"sunshine, lollypops and rainbows ,da da da da!" came the untuned voice of her mom singing a song as she came up the stairs.
"Keiko! hunny! breaky time!" she sang pewuetting on the spot and holding the tray out in front of her as if it where a gift.
"too early, go away" moaned Keiko diveing under the covers.
"silly, silly, silly! its already past ten! you don't want to waist the day away now do we? go out and have fun! get a boyfriend or at least get out of the house so i can go back to my exsperimenting." her mom said putting the tray on the side and bending over her grinning like the chesire cat. Keiko's mom was a scientist and an engerneer she spent hours dureing the day building junk and then selling it at markets. she suprisingly made a bundel. Keiko wasent shore if her mother had caught the dreaded "stupid disease" because she acted so stupid at times, but then again she was a geneouse inventor ahead of her times. she had even made Keiko a hover scooter that broke down every other mile. but it was cool all the same.
Keiko rolled over under the covers and gave a groan of protest.
"get up already!" her mom snapped whacking her around the head.
"owwwwww...." v moaned and sat up rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. her dyed blond hair where in dread locks and where sticking up all over the place. she had even added some pink in to brighten it up and more importantly annoy her mom. her green eyes stared at her mother in annoyance she felt very tired and wasent in the mood for games. but then again if her mom hadent woken her up one of her exspirements would of.
"i'm up already" Keiko said with a yawn and started on her breakfast.
"you know the mayor has just got a royal degree from the king in frailten apparently he is searching for warriors and adventurers and mages and stuff to find the cure to the stupid disease. why don't you go try and get the cure? it would be a great scientific achivement not to mention would get you out of the house and more importantly out of my way. this of the possibilitys! all the reasurch and stuff i could do! i'll finally accomplish my dream and become famouse!" her mother was in the world of her own talking to herself.
Keiko ignored her and finnished off her breakfast.
"why would i want to go look for some cure to a disease i havent got? if you wat it so bad you go and get it." Keiko said sharply.
"maybe you should look for people in town.... but what would your class be? the king specifficly said adventurer types...." her mother pondered ignoring Keiko who was trying to get her attention.
"hello!?!?! i told you i'm not going! why should i go? i see no purpose in it!" Keiko yelled at the top of her voice but her mother just wasent lisening.
"i know! how about a rouge? how about a red mage!? i bet you would make a great red mage!" her mother said happily.
"one, i can't do magic and two i'm not going" Keiko replyed getting annoyed.
"who says you need magic to be a red mage? with one of my engeouse inventions you can have arterfishel magic! why don't you go and find someone to come along with you on this adventure?"
"i told you i'm not going" Keiko replyed.
"why don't you go and find someone to come along with you on this adventure?" her mom repeated.
"hello mom? did you head what i said?"
"why don't you go and find someone to come along with you on this adventure?" her mom repeated.
"helllooooo??? anyone at home? have you finally caught... the stupid deseise?" Keiko said worriedly.
"why don't you go and find someone to come along with you on this adventure?" her mom said again.
"fine! i can take a hint i'm going already" Keiko said giveing up and started getting dressed and ran down the steps and out of the house.
"gets them every time" her mom giggled to herself as soon as Keiko was out of hearing distance.

((looooong post, i think this can be intresting. to get the idia of the world. it has pritty advanced tecnoligy but not very good transport stuff. they have basic stuff like lazors and airships but no cars and train and buses. just like out of one of the final fantasy games. the village we are currently in has a bar, a shop, a raceing ring for hover racing which is basicly stuff like hovering skatebords and hovering scooters junk like that which is praticly usless for long distance travel cause it always brakes after a mile outa a city for some mysterouse reason which we will find out later on. (stuff to do with saterlites and navigation systoms) it also has a park and of corse houses. you can start off in any of thease places go into as much detail as you like. please no l33t use speach marks and full stops and we will all get along. if you do use l33t and don't use speach marks then i will get very angry and do unspeakerble things. if you have an exscuse like your comming down with the stupid desease then i forgive you. oh right and what is the stupid deseise, long answer: makes you very stupid, short answer: makes you stupid.
so please join!))
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