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Post War of the Races
on: July 24, 2004 08:37
This is a RPG about a war of the races in a land called Tarnith. The Humans, Elves, and Dwarfs are at war with The Orc. Pick a side and let the war begin!

Haden walked along the dark roads of the Foreat of Light. He was a wood elf knight. He was worryed about leaving the Village on a hunting run. He was elected by the village on Dansemath to stay in the vilage with 20 others to act as guards. Just as he was thinking this a pillar of flame erupted from Dansamath. Haden ran back but was too late. All that was left was a scortched mass of land. His family, his friends, and his wife all gone by an orc army. This is the memory that haunts his dreams every night while he lays alone under a starless sky.


I'm writing a story or book at my house and I might use some of the characters on this board for it.
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on: February 24, 2015 08:43

Galmire ran his bloodstained fingers through his long light blonde hair. He was a Forest elf. He always had his bow and arrows with him no matter where he was. Blood dripped from his right lip as he limped through the deserted forest of Tarmil, not a sign of life in sight. He could hear the very soft breath of his little bright ocean blue Raleah resting on his left shoulder. Galmire's formal clothes were torn, revealing his scars and showing just how many battles he had been to and his arrows were stained with blood of a black color.
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on: February 24, 2015 09:44

Black fingers gripped the crude but strong blade. He was a Dark Orc: tall, broad-shouldered, a terrible foe. An Elf was near, he could smell its blood. A dark black-toothed smile as a red tongue licked the colorless lips. He snarled as he smelled a new scent, more Elf. He scurried away, his mouth still set on fresh Elf.


She skirted through the tree limbs silently. She was dressed oddly for a Forest Elf maiden, a dark green tunic, brown breeches, leather boots, and a black cloak and hood. Her weapont were hidden from sight except for the bow and twin swords. Silver hair illuminated by moonlight shimmered and twinkling blue eyes flashed in the dark forest.
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on: March 04, 2015 11:34

Pressing down closer to it’s neck, he felt the horse’s breath coming out in slow, steady gasps. He was a Man of Rohan, and hunting. He raised his bright sword and ket it fall on the neck of the last orc, then wheeled his horse away from the carnage. He was tall, and dressed in the breechcloth and tunic peculiar to his race. His smile, cold, but bright, lit up his face in a response to the love of war inside of him.
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