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Post Adam's song rp
on: July 29, 2004 06:45
Hey all ya all! Well, I'm gonna start.....btw, I'm not here all the time so please be patient thanks.

Renee looked out of her bedroom window to find that Adam was standing out in front of her house. She got her backpack and ran downstairs.
"Dear? Aren't you going to eat?" asked her mom, Karrie. Renee smiled and grabbed a pop tarts from the fridge.
"Yeah. thanks. I'm going now. Bye!" she said
Renee stepped out of her house and saw Adam standing there. He looked like his mind was somewhere else. Renee took her hand and shook his head until he returned to earth.
"RENEE!!!! STOOOOOOPPPPPPP!!!!"Adam yelled. He looked upset about something. Renee laughed and put her arm around him and stepped off the steps.
"Adam, where is your mind? You were standing there like a dingleberry. If I hadn't come out you would be there all day. By the way, why didn't you ring the doorbell? You were just standing there." she said.
Adam looked away. "I have something to say to you. Your boyfriend, Josh,?, Well, I saw him with another girl. Her name is Sabrina. I'm really sorry. I yelled at him and humiliated him." Adam said. Renee stood there with a look on her face. She was crying. Josh and her were in love, and she thought, why would he do this? Josh was the kind of guy who might kill you if he wanted to, or he would protect you with his life. He was unpredictable. But this?
Adam and Renee were 2 blocks away from school by now. Renee had stopped walking. Adam put his arm around her and held her. He knew this was hard for her. He knew that her heart had been broken before, but not by cheating. Renee knew how Josh was with girls. He was a hands on kind of guy sometimes. He would be like that especially with popular girls, cheerleaders, Sabrina.
As they started to walk again, She got out her mirror and fixed her mascara. Adam was laughing at her cause it was dripping down her face and Renee managed a smile.
"Ready?" Adam asked. Renee looked out at the high school. "Yeah."

(I am Renee. I would appreciate a josh and a Adam. Please! And, some of the other characters i was talking about earlier.

Thanks. Me
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Post RE: Adam's song rp
on: July 30, 2004 01:57
I am sorry but I must close this thread, as CoE is closing the NT RPG forum. We have asked that at this time no new RPs be started. Please feel free to save what you have written so far and continue where you left off when the new NT website is opened.

Thank you
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