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Post IMPORTANT - Languages Staff
on: October 04, 2005 12:49
Hello everybody,

Naneth has currently taken a leave of absence and as a result will not be answering any private messages, so for the time being, if you have any questions, suggestions, or if you need help with anything, please contact either Malinornë (Quenya) or myself (Sindarin), as we will be sharing Language Administration duties.

Also, please welcome Gwendeth as our newest Elvish101 (Sindarin forum) moderator -- if you have any queries or concerns, she's also happy to help.

Fíriel (and the rest of the Language staff)

P.S. The Sindarin Study Buddy programme is currently on hold for the moment, but rest assured, we'll have it back up and running soon.

EDIT (01/12/05): Gwendeth is currently looking into the study buddy programme, so it should be operational soon.

[Edited on 30/11/2005 by Fíriel]

Edit: Unfortunately, Fíriel is no longer here either, so it's just Malinornë (mostly Quenya, though I do help out with Sindarin workbook exercises as well) and Gwendeth. dirk_math does an excellent job in the Quenya forum and as workbook mentor for Quenya.

[Edited on 05/23/2015 by Malinornë]
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