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on: March 05, 2015 07:49
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King Duncan motioned for the doors to be closed behind the dark-haired messengers. Four, he thought, a good number. Halt would have liked it, if he was here.

“Perhaps,” the eldest of the messengers stated expressionlessly, “Your highness has decided to answer, or decline Aslava’s desperate need.”

“I will make my decision when I see fit.” Duncan answered coolly. “Tell me again of Aslava’s desperate need.”

The speaker of the messengers sensed the King’s displeasure at his bold words. The King’s last statement surprised him and the speaker suspected there was councilors behind a hidden door, or something of the like.

“Gracious King Duncan of Araluen, we humble messengers departed from the Governor of Aslava two fortnights ago. Our country is being attacked from within.

“Our Governor is a good man who sees to the problems of our people and gives them aid to the best of his abilities. But rebels have arisen spreading false malice among the people and these Insurgents are taking up arms against the Faithful.

“These Insurgents kill the innocent: women, children, the old and young, those who defy them. Their leader is a fell man; he goes masked and hooded among our people killing many with his black blade and deadly arrows. The Insurgents hide in the Shadow Wood, and even our best woodsmen do not dare enter there. For there is the cry of a jackal and they are no more.

“When our good Governor learned of a race of Forest Magicians living in Araluen that could go unseen and unheard, he sent us hither to ask for their aid to capture this Insurgent leader and dissuade him from his evil doings and redress his grievances.”

Duncan smiled as the speaker finished.

“What do you think, Gilan? Will the “Forest Magicians” aid Aslava?”

The messengers paled and retreated a few paces when a man stepped away from the throne.

“Truly your race is great,” the speaker stammered staring at the man, then at the shadows from which he had materialized. “And you chief among them, Magician. We humbly request your aid.”

Gilan scrutinized the foreign messengers from under the cowl of his cloak. They seemed sincere enough in speaking of their people’s plight.

“Perhaps.” he said. “But I have a few questions first.”

The messenger nodded for him to continue. “First, you spoke of “Shadow Wood”. Where is it in relation to your Governor’s…castle? Is it a large forest?”

“It is three leagues South of our gracious Governor’s humble abode,” the speaker answered. “The forest is two days ride across and one day’s ride long. Anything else the Magician requires of our land?”

Gilan rubbed his chin thoughtfully. After a pause he said, “What do you know of the Insurgents’ leader?”

“There are only rumors for the most part, sir. Some say he is head and shoulders taller than any of our race; others say that he carries a large falcon; but the greatest rumor of them all is that he can turn into any animal that he wishes to be.”

“He killed my father.” the youngest of the messengers interrupted earnestly.

Gilan raised an eyebrow at that. “Did he? I am sorry for that.” He was sincere in his in his offer of sympathy.

He stood, silently contemplating the little he had been able to learn from the messengers. Then abruptly he came to a decision and turned to Duncan.
“I and my apprentice will be happy to assist the Aslavians in this, their hour of great need.” he said gravely.

He turned back to the messengers. “And when should we leave?” he asked.

“As soon as the Great Magician wishes!” the speaker thanked.

The embassy was ushered out of the throne room.


Behind the closed doors of their apartments, the young messenger turned to the speaker.

“Do you think they fell for it?”

“Of course,” the speaker smiled wickedly.

The mission was beginning.


The morning was beautiful and the smooth water glinted on the blue, sparkling water.

Gilan and his young apprentice, Asher, made their way down to the docks. They would be leaving for Aslava today. Horace had told him that a Skandian friend of his was visiting Araluen. The young knight seemed to think that the Skandians would be willing to take Gilan and his apprentice to the country of Aslava, though Gilan was wondering what business the sea wolf could have in the little country.

They reached the wolfship after a few more minutes of walking. Several Skandians were making last minute preparations before casting off.

After a bit of asking around, Gilan was able to locate the skirl. He was shorter than some Skandians, but no less strongly built for that. He had a bearlike figure. The scars he had in abundance were evidence of many fights, in which he seemed to have been on the wrong end of the weapon more than once. His nose appeared to have been broken numerous times.

Nevertheless, he had a cheerful disposition and he greeted Gilan cordially enough. Only, a Skandian’s version of cordiality was a handshake that nearly took your arm off.

The Ranger was still nursing his sore hand and arm when his Ranger horse was loaded on board a few minutes later.

Gilan’s bay mare, Blaze, was a bit skittish after being moved on board the wolfship, and so he moved to quiet her down.

Once all the preparations had been made, they were ready to cast off.

As they were shoved off from the shore, Gilan felt a little thrill of excitement. A new assignment would be a nice to change to the recent inactivity in his fief.

The mission had begun.

On the brink Shadow Wood a hooded and cloaked figure crouched in a low branched oak. Three mounted and armed men patrolled the forest's edge. Slowly the figure threw back its head and gave the lonely cry of a jackal and raised his bow aiming for the chest of the foremost rider.


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on: March 06, 2015 09:55

Crash! Several glasses were smashed on a table in a bar as a man fell across it. His opponent quickly followed up and sent him crashing into the wall, where he lay stunned.
“Time to go.”
A small young woman beckoned to the two men, who looked exactly alike, who were sitting next to her at a table. They immediately rose and escorted her from the crowded bar.
“You do remember, I hope, that I have an appointment with the Capitano today, don’t you?” she said, as they headed out into the darkness of the Genevan streets. It was a rather snappish voice, that sounded strange coming from one so young.
“Sí, Signorina,” they responded in exact unison.
“Buon. I rather hope it’s a difficult job. The last one I went after took only one measly dagger in the side. He didn’t even scream! It was ridiculous. Don’t they realize I only take these jobs to hear them wail and beg for their mothers? It is such fun to torture.
“Sí, Signorina.”
She glared at them.
“If I didn’t need you, you can be perfectly sure I would not keep you around.
“Sí, Signorina,” impassively.
But they were already at the door of a large mansion, and Abrielle could see the dark figures of several guards concealed throughout the premises.
“We’re here,” she snapped.


“So, Abrielle. I have heard you want a difficult job.”
She looked up defiantly, and frowned slightly at the man in front of her.
“I know you get all your information everywhere, but I do not appreciate you setting spies on me.”
“Ah, ah. The defiance of the young. You do know, my pet, that I must send the most spies on the people I trust the least.” His pudgy fingers fondled her graceful chin. “My darling, I don’t trust you as far as I can throw you, and you should learn that now.” His voice was deadly soft, but she responded to his implied threats by slapping his fingers away and tossing her long hair.
“I care not,” she said airily, but he only smiled.
“You could have the most difficult job I have ever heard of in my lifetime.”
She looked up quickly.
“You have only to kiss me, my most darling girl, and it is yours.”
Her lip curled in distaste as she considered the man, shrouded by shadows. She had only really seen his fingers before, and that was more than most. She knew that this was the most well-hidden and dangerous man in all of Toscana, and she was very lucky to even be speaking to him. After all, he ruled the city, but only a few select people knew of his existence, and everyone worked for him, but hardly anyone knew. But to kiss him? She had never, in all her twenty-seven years, had even an affection for anyone, let alone love a man. But to get the job, she would do anything. She leaned forward with her face extended. He grabbed her around the waist, and began to kiss her, violently. She heard faint words in-between his passions.

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on: March 09, 2015 06:50
A handful of coins landed with a clink in the Skandian's hand. He frowned.
"That's all I get for becoming a part-time smuggler?"
The girl snorted. "Yes. Deal with it."
The Skandian smiled thinly. "Well, I could simply refuse to transport you unless I get more money-"
Before he could finish his sentence, a wicked-looking knife was at his throat.
"I said, that's all the money you're getting."
The Skandian knew this girl should not be messed with, even though she looked no older than sixteen. But he also new he could could win in question fight. Smiling inwardly, he decided to humor her.
"Fine." He said, motioning towards his ship. "Get aboard, Miss Genevieve."
She launched herself over the railing and ran quickly down a flight of stairs until she was underneath the main deck. This looked like the skirl's quarters.
Good enough place to hide, she thought. Those rangers wouldn't be going down there. But before she could actually hide, the sound of approaching footsteps echoed down the stairs.
It can't be the skirl, she thought. Those footsteps were way too quiet to be a Skandian. She dived underneath the bed just as the unknown person entered the room. She watched the booted feet cross the room, the person dropping something onto a small table in the corner before turning to leave. She exhaled just as the person reached the stairs.
They paused.
Genevieve caught her breath again. She couldn't be found. Not yet. She wanted to find out more about these rangers before making herself known. Besides, she'd paid a lot of money to get here without it being publicized to the whole crew. The only person who knew she was here was the captain.
She slid a little further from underneath the bed and caught a glimpse of a pair of glittering eyes underneath a deep cowled cloak. She shivered involuntarily. Was her uncle really one of these men? The person's eyes flickered over to her as soon as she moved, and she froze.
Then the person-who she assumed to be a ranger- turned and padded silently back up the stairs.
But she got the feeling she hadn't gone unnoticed.

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on: March 14, 2015 11:59
Asher was slightly nervous. This was his first mission, ever, considering that he had only been a Ranger's apprentice for three months. He wasn't quite sure what to expect. He had never been on a ship before, and he had to admit, he was still getting used to it. The constant rocking motion under his feet, well he wasn't liking it. Pebbles was liking it either, both Ranger horses had been a skittish getting onto the boat. And he couldn't blame them.
Asher was now standing by the ship railing, gazing out into the sparkling blue water, waiting for when they would cast off. They had previously been shown their quarters. He thought that's where Gilan was, but he couldn't be sure. A gentle breeze ruffled the edges of his cowl. He was jarred out of his thought when a Skandian crew member slammed a coil of thick heavy rope beside him. Asher glanced at the burly crew member. The Skandian didn't even notice him standing there, and walked away never realizing the Ranger's apprentice was right there. Asher decided he was going to look for Gilan. He crossed the deck and heaved below. Now if he could only remember where the quarters where. Everything looked the same below deck.
He found the quarters will little trouble. He pushed open the door, and looked around the small room. But Gilan wasn't there, so he decided to go back above deck. He crossed the room to a small table, reaching in his pocket he pulled out an arrow shaft he was going to fix and set it on the table so he wouldn't forget to do it. He turned to leave and was just about to climb the stairs when he paused. He could feel someone watching him. He glanced over the room he couldn't see anything wrong with anything. With that he turned and softly climbed the stairs.
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on: March 16, 2015 04:17
Nathaniel turned sharply around to face the speaker, a man some 30 summers old.
"Yes?" he snapped.
The man hesitated, "one of them escaped. His horse flew faster than our arrow."
A scowl, hidden by the hood and mask that concealed his face, soured his youthful face. He breathed deeply, the scowl fading back to where it came from.
"Ah well, he will go back bearing stories of the Jackal," he smiled.
The man sighed with relief and saluted before moving away. Nathaniel surveyed his camp with a careful eye. He made sure that they were no common pack of criminals, but an orderly village, so to speak. His cousin was mixing her herbs as usual and some of the men were sharpening swords or stringing bows. A thin youth approached him.
"Sir there are reports that the Governor has sent for outside aid against us."
"What sort of outside aid?" Nathaniel asked concerned.
"We don't know yet," the lad admitted, "but by all tales, it is a threat to our well being."
"Thank you," the leader sighed.
Just what he needed, more attacks from the Governor. What would it be this time?
Image "Every good pirate has an alias" Felix glanced down, looking at contraption around the stump of his wrist. "Hook," he answered. "My name will be Hook."
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