Hailed as one of the fairest beings in middle-earth, Arwen Undomiel, lady of Rivendell, and daughter of Elrond the wise, lived most of her long life like a flower waiting to bloom, but afraid of wilting in the cold of winter’s chill.

Elrond treasured his daughter above all things. She was the unquenched light of his eyes. Arwen too, loved her father, for he was her only parent after her mother left for the Havens.

She dwelled for many seasons in Rivendell where she was loved by all who beheld her, for her untamed beauty matched her soul. In later days, she visited with her mother’s kin in the fair woods of Lothlórien.

It was during this time when the young heir of the great kings took refuge in Rivendell. Estel, they named him, though his true name was Aragorn, and his lineage was greater than any others before that time. And so, as the years passed, Aragorn grew from an infant child to a young man, noble and gracious- while Arwen dwelled still in Lorien, knowing nothing of the company at her father’s house, though their paths were soon to intertwine.

In the year of 2951, Arwen returned to the House of Elrond in Rivendell. While walking in the forest of Imladris, a voice called to her, “Tinuviel, Tinuviel!” She turned to see a young man, tall and dark he was; yet, his eyes were fair and gay. She smiled at him and asked, “Who are you and why do you call me by that name?” He answered that he had truly believed that it was Lúthien who stood before him. She assured him that she was not Lúthien, yet her fate was not dissimilar. He told her his name and of his coming, and she was intrigued by him, for he had wisdom beyond his short years. And so came to pass, the first meeting of Arwen Undomiel and Aragorn, who was in later years called Elessar.

Aragorn could not conceal the fact that Arwen had bewildered his heart. Elrond saw this and his own heart grew sad, for he loved Aragorn as a son, but he could not consent to the doom that awaited his daughter. Elrond’s words discouraged Aragorn, but could not tear away the feelings he held for the Lady of Rivendell.

Soon after, Aragorn took leave of Rivendell, and Arwen was surprised by her unwillingness to see him depart.

She too went back to Lórien, where she dwelt for more than a score of years. Then, by chance, in the year of 2980, Aragorn came to the borders of the Golden Wood. By the grace of Lady Galadriel, he was permitted to enter and was bade to change into garments of beauty, for the Lady saw much and knew much. At last, Arwen saw that Aragorn was in Lórien and she beheld him in his adulthood; tall, stern and defined. In that hour, Arwen’s heart was sealed, and her doom appointed. Upon the hill of Cerin Amroth, they plighted their troth under the waxing moon.

Arwen dwelt in the Golden Wood for only a short time after Aragorn had left to partake in the War of the Ring. Only Arwen, who was foresighted, could have guessed his part in the battle. The war went on for many months and Arwen, Lady of Rivendell, returned to her people. It was there where she forged the standard for her beloved.

The war was growing larger and the world was growing darker, but still, Arwen Undomiel refused to deny hope. Forsaking her parting to the Havens, Arwen chose to stay and wait, much to the sorrow of her father.

Arwen’s waiting was not in vain, for the war had been won, the ring bearer had triumphed, and Aragorn had been made king of Gondor. Then, finally with the blessing of her father, Arwen Evenstar, wedded Aragorn Elessar in the City of the Kings on Midsummer’s Day.

However, Arwen’s tale had a sorrowful end.

For as all men do, Aragorn eventually died – when he and his queen had spent almost 120 years together. Nonetheless, his parting was grieved by all who knew him, but no more than Arwen, who was fated to lose all that she had gained. And so, she departed from the city and dwelled in Lórien, where the sun no longer shone. Though she would forever remain, Arwen Undomiel…Evenstar of her people.

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