Race: Men

Culture: Edain

Lands: Hildórien, Thargelion, Estolad, Brethil

After Men awoke in Hildórien, they began their westward marches, ever seeking for a safe place to settle. The people of the House of Bëor, the First House of the Edain, were the first group of Men to make it over the Blue Mountains. There they were met by the King of Nargothrond, Finrod, and he loved them and took them under his wing. There was such love between Bëor and Finrod that when the king returned to his home land, Bëor went with him and served as his vassal until the day he died.

Shortly after Bëor left with Finrod, the Haladin made their way over the Blue Mountains. They had been waiting in the valleys before the mountains for news but they finally made the journey. The people of the Haladin were like to the people of Bëor, though they were sundered from them in their speech. The Haladin were also “lesser of stature, and less eager for lore. They used few words, and did not love great concourse of men; and many among them delighted in solitude, wandering free in the greenwoods while the wonder of the lands of the Eldar was new upon them.” When they came at last to Beleriand, they found the Green-elves to be unfriendly so they turned to the north and settled in Thargelion, the land of Caranthir son of Fëanor.

Morgoth saw the friendship developing between the Atanatári, the ‘Fathers of Men’, and the Eldar. He desired ever to estrange the Two Kindreds so he sent a great many Orcs over Ered Lindon to attack the Haladin in the lands of Caranthir.

The Haladin were slow to unite against the invading Orcs, until one among them brought the people together. Haldad gathered all that he could of his people and led them to an angle of land between Ascar and the river Gelion. There they were besieged until all of their food was gone. The Haladin were known among the other Men for the strength of their women and the fact that, in need, they would also bear arms. Haldad had twin children, Haldar a son and Haleth a daughter. Both of his children fought valiantly in their people’s defense.

Heraldic device for Haleth

Finally Haldad was slain and as his son, Haldar ran out to save his father, he too was killed. Haleth rallied her people and they fought against the Orcs for another seven days. When all hope seemed to fade, the host of Caranthir came down and defeated the attacking army. Caranthir felt badly for Haleth and her people and he offered her lands nearer to his own where they could fall under the protection of the Eldar. But, Haleth was proud and would not accept the help of the Elves. She removed her people to Estolad with the folk of Bëor, though they always remained a people apart. They were called ever after the People of Haleth, the Second House of the Edain.

Haleth grew restless again, and though many of her folk did not wish it, she led those who would follow her between the Mountains of Terror and the Girdle of Melian into the Forest of Brethil. These lands were part of the realm of Thingol of Doriath, but since Finrod spoke on their behalf, Thingol allowed them to remain. He only asked that they guard the crosses of the river Teiglin. Haleth dwelt in that land until her death, and since she never wed, the lordship of her people passed to her nephew, Haldan son of Haldar.

Along with the People of Haleth dwelt also some of the Drúedain. This was wholly strange to the other Men and the Elves. The Drúedain were stumpy (4 feet high or so), very broad, with heavy buttocks and short thick legs. Their wide faces had deep set eyes, with heavy brows, and flat noses. They grew no hair below their eyebrows save a few men who grew a small swatch of black hair on their chin. They lived among the People of Haleth in Brethil, though in small settlements of their own. There they guarded them and they were much appreciated by the Haladin.

During the time of the Dagor Bragollach, some of Bëor’s kin were taken in by the People of Haleth as they fled their homes. In Brethil they were at first little touched by the war. At this time Halmir was the lord of the Haladin and he was a friend to the Elves who guarded Doriath. Finally the Orcs made their way into the Forest of Brethil and they would have ravaged them to the mouths of the river Sirion if Halmir had not sent word to King Thingol that they were in need of help.

During the time that the Orcs began to invade Brethil, Húrin and Huor, the sons of Galdor of Dor-lómin were dwelling with the Haladin for they were akin. Before the war two of the houses of the Edain (The Haladin and the House of Hador) were joined because Galdor and Gloredhel the children of Hador Goldenhead were wedded to Hareth and Haldir the children of Halmir lord of the Haladin. So the sons of Galdor were fostered in Brethil by Haldir their uncle and his father the lord.

Thingol sent many Elves of Doriath under the leadership of Beleg Strongbow and they held the Orcs from crossing the river Teiglin. Many of the Haladin fought in this battle along with their kin, Húrin and Huor. Eventually Morgoth pulled his forces back to wait until his finally assault could be made.

During the fifth battle, the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, Haldir of the Haladin brought many of his folk to fight alongside Húrin and Huor and their people against Morgoth. On the fourth day of the battle Haldir of the Haladin fell in the rearguard defense, and also with him fell most of the men of Brethil. Handir son of Haldir became their lord, though after the war, few of their folk remained in Brethil or beyond.

House of Haleth, the Second House of the Edain:

Haldad – took on position of leader when Orcs attacked his people

Twin Children:
Haldar– slain with his father in battle

Haleth – she became leader of the Haladin and led them to dwell in Brethil. Never wed or had children so lordship passed to her nephew.

Haldan– son of Haldar

Halmir – fought alongside Beleg and many Elves of Thingol against Orc raid in Brethil during Dagor Bragollach

a. Haldir – son of Halmir, wed Glóredhel of the House of Hador



b. Hareth – daughter of Halmir, wed Galdor of the House of Hador



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Research by Nienna-of-the-Valar

Information compiled from The Silmarillion

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