Who is Frodo in the movie?
Knowing that he has to finish the task alone Frodo has departed from the Fellowship with Sam and they try to find their own way to Mordor with Gollum as their guide. At the Black Gate Frodo takes Gollum’s advice to follow him to some other, secret road to Mordor. In Ithillien Frodo and Sam are captured by Faramir who risks their journey by wanting to take the Ring to Gondor. Frodo begins to get tired and the Ring really begins to get a hold of him as the journey goes ahead.

Who is Frodo in the book?
Knowing the Fellowship can’t help him anymore, Frodo has left it with Sam and they try to find their own way to Mordor with Gollum as their guide. At the Black Gate Frodo decides to follow Gollum to some dangerous and dark way to Mordor. In Ithillien they meet Captain Faramir who takes them with him to Henneth Annûn and from there they continue their journey to Minas Morgul and Cirith Ungol. Frodo is starting to get weary because the Ring is starting to feel heavier when they get closer to Mordor.

Ted Nasmith – The Dead Marshes (detail)

Frodo’s journey in Two Towers
In Emyn Muil
Frodo and Sam are in Emyn Muil trying to get down and continue their journey towards Mordor but they are lost. They notice and catch Gollum who has followed them. Although Frodo understands Gollum can be dangerous he doesn’t want to kill him but orders him to guide them to Mordor. Frodo is quite stern talking to Gollum and Gollum swears on the Precious that he’ll behave and guide the hobbits to the Black Gate.

The Dead Marshes
The passage through the Dead Marshes is depressing and the Ring starts to have more effect on Frodo.
In the book Frodo is exhausted, the Ring is starting to feel heavy and Frodo already says to Sam that he thinks there’s only a little hope of even finishing their task not to mention going home.
In the movie Frodo is absentminded, quiet and walks earthwards like the Ring would feel heavy. Alone he strokes the Ring and when a Nazgul flies over the group Frodo can’t resist the call of the Ring and Sam has to prevent him from putting the Ring on.

The Black Gate is closed
At the Black Gate Frodo decides to try to enter Mordor despite of how hopeless deed it is but Gollum prevents him saying there’s another road. He tells he has found a dark and dangerous road through a tunnel. Frodo decides to trust Gollum and follow him.
In the movie Frodo makes his decision immediately and doesn’t question Gollum anymore because he has lead the hobbits well this far. In the book Frodo thinks longer, asks more information from Gollum and he also shows that he doesn’t trust Gollum totally by warning him of his thoughts concerning the Ring and reminding Gollum of his oath.

In the book the group walks quietly towards Ithillien but in the movie there’s a scene where Sam calls Gollum names and Frodo doesn’t like that. He gets mad at Sam for not understanding Gollum and thinking that Gollum can’t be saved. Frodo says he has to believe Gollum can change back and Frodo shouts to Sam obviously because the Ring is affecting him.

Meeting Faramir
In Ithillien Frodo and Sam meet Faramir but the events with him are very different in the book and in the movie. In the book Frodo and Sam get kind treatment and protection from the Captain of the Rangers and after judging the situation Faramir lets them continue their journey from Henneth Annûn with Gollum even though he knows they carry the Ring. Frodo talks a lot with Faramir and he’s feeling pretty good after some rest and good food and because the Ring is not feeling so heavy.

In the movie Faramir keeps the hobbits as his captives in Henneth Annûn and takes them to Osgiliath meaning to send the Ring to Denethor. Frodo admits to Sam that the Ring is starting to get a hold of him and in Osgiliath he almost gives the Ring to a Nazgul and he even threatens Sam with his sword totally under the effect of the Ring. Frodo feels like giving up but Sam gives him strength by telling they have to believe it’s worth fighting for the good in the world. Faramir realizes now he has to let the hobbits go and they continue towards Mordor with Gollum.

Minas Morgul and Shelobs Lair
In the book Frodo, Sam and Gollum arrive in Minas Morgul and Frodo says the Ring feels very heavy and he feels weary. For the first time in the book the Ring now really gets a hold of Frodo when he can’t help but walk towards the city and then almost put the Ring on his finger. He gets relief from Galadriel’s phial and they start climbing up the stairs of Cirith Ungol following Gollum. Sam tells Frodo how he suspects Gollum but Frodo tries to tell him he shouldn’t worry.

Frodo and Sam enter Shelob’s Lair together and Gollum leaves them. They stumble in the darkness but when Sam reminds Frodo of Galadriel’s phial they manage to get out. Frodo doesn’t notice that Shelob follows them and she stings Frodo on his neck. Sam fights against Gollum as well as Shelob and he drives her away. He takes the Ring from lifeless Frodo thinking he has to finish the task. He leaves Frodo who is then found and taken away by some orcs. Sam changes his mind and starts to follow the orcs knowing his place is with his master who isn’t dead after all.

Changes in Frodo

Frodo & the Ring
There’s obviously a difference between Frodo in the book and Frodo in the movie and the biggest change is in his capability to resists the effect of the Ring. Frodo in the book is tired because the Ring is getting heavier but he’s not showing signs that the Ring would actually start getting a hold of him. Frodo in the movie is tired but also much less able to resist the Ring. It starts to get a hold of Frodo; once he almost puts the Ring on and he strokes it when he’s alone. The Ring makes him to shout at Sam and threaten him with his sword, it makes him to almost give the Ring to a Nazgul and finally almost to give up. Sam has to help him to resist the Ring and in the end encourage him to go on the journey.

In the book Frodo doesn’t show that he would be attached to the Ring; he doesn’t stroke it or anything like that. The Ring also doesn’t really take real control over Frodo until in Minas Morgul and he has enough will to go on despite of his weariness. Frodo once says he doesn’t believe in getting home but he doesn’t want to give up and he’s still pretty much controlling the situation. And Frodo and Sam don’t have any problems between them at this state of the journey, not because of the Ring or because of anything else either. The writers say the scene where Frodo attacks Sam under the effect of the Ring was great drama and a chance for Sam to start evolving his strength but in the book Frodo doesn’t loose his control so badly at any point.

These changes are made to emphasize the power of the Ring, the effect that the Ring has on Frodo and also Sam’s important part during the journey. It’s true that Frodo wouldn’t make it without Sam but while the Ring is already starting to take a hold of Frodo and Sam keeps helping him, people can get the idea that Frodo is actually weak rather than that the Ring’s effect is so strong. The idea was that Frodo is able to show surprising persistence under the weight of the Ring, resistance towards the power of the Ring and Sam is there to accompany him but he really doesn’t have to start helping Frodo until during the final push in Mordor.

Frodo & Gollum
The relationship between Frodo and Gollum is interesting. The situation isn’t pleasant for either of them when they meet but they don’t have any other choice but to travel together. Gollum is Frodo’s only chance to find the way to Mordor, as it seems, and Gollum’s desire for the Ring goes over everything else. And still, there’s a connection between them because they share the same evil fate: to carry the One Ring.

Frodo has heard mainly negative things about Gollum but when they finally meet Frodo pities Gollum and understands him because he’s now going through what Gollum has gone through ages ago. Frodo also sees his own future in Gollum so he wants to believe there’s still some good left in him and in the movie Frodo clearly states he wants to help Gollum because he has to believe Gollum can change back. Gollum tolerates Frodo because he has the Ring but on the other hand Gollum hasn’t got nice treatment for ages and it may be one thing causing changes in him; in the movie we even see how Sméagol drives Gollum away for a while.

Sam remains suspicious towards Gollum the whole time and would like to get rid of him but Frodo neither won’t or even can’t do that. In Henneth Annûn when Gollum enters the Forbidden Pool and Faramir’s men are about to kill him, Faramir asks Frodo if they should shoot the creature. Frodo hesitates for a short moment but besides needing Gollum as their guide he now knows that Gollum’s fate is somehow bound to his and he tells that to Faramir saving Gollum’s life.

The writers wanted to emphasize the connection there is between Frodo and Gollum because of the Ring but in the movie Frodo is too kind and trusty towards Gollum. He suddenly just starts to trust Gollum based on his quite nice and changing behaviour and because he leads them well to the Black Gate. That’s depicting Frodo as quite short-sighted and stupid really, considering what he knows about Gollum. But maybe because it is emphasized how much Frodo has to believe Gollum can change back Frodo also has to trust him quite blindly. (And all this kindness and trusting is just getting ready for the events in the Return of the King.)

In the book Frodo believes the oath Gollum swore on the Ring earlier will hold but he still doesn’t trust him completely. At some points Frodo speaks to Gollum actually quite sternly and shows he’s in control and watching over Gollum. Frodo does see a change in Gollum and believes he’s not entirely wicked but he doesn’t really say that he would believe there was a chance that Gollum could actually change back. All in all Frodo seems to be much more conscious of the situation with Gollum in the book than in the movie.

Frodo shouldn’t be so much affected by the Ring and in the book Frodo never would have threatened Sam with his sword.

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