May the grace of Manwë let us soar with eagle’s wings!


In the air, among the clouds in the sky
Here is where the birds of Manwe fly
Looking at the land, and the water that flows
The true beauty of earth shows
With the stars of Varda lighting my way
In all the realms this is where I stay
In the realm of Manwë Súlimo

By El~Cugu

Do you love mountains and crystal clear air? Are you NOT afraid of heights? Do you appreciate good poetry? Do you love the whole world, all the living creatures and rocks too? Do you especially love big birds?
Then welcome to the Realm of Manwë Súlimo!

Feel free to look around! Find Vala information in “Info”, check the rules and activities of the Realm in “Charter”, and see who else is a member in “Members”!

Welcome new members! Please come introduce yourself here.


-New Head (frodofan14) and 2 new leaders (ArwenLegolas and Imahobbitgirl2).
– Come play Realm Trivia and rack up points for the CouncilofElrond team on Facebook!
– We’re currently discussing how to upgrade and improve the website.
– The Realm is under a new Head (Rivka).

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