Gender: 1
Race: Un-Known
Height: 6'
Age: Un-known (He is timeless)
Family: If he dose have one he has no recolection of them.
Animals: He shares a kinship with most of Middle Earth's Creatures
Weapons: a Staff and a Bow along with other short cutting implements.

Personality: A verry wise fellow talking in verse and rhyme, He mostly speeks wisely offering Knowlage and advise to all. He keeps mostly to his self ariveing at towns and settelments only ocasionaly. He has a divine radience that canot fall to calm those that call him friend.

Appearance: A Slender man dresed in cloth around his neck hangs a cloak made of leafs. His staff is old and knarled as is his bow. he looks young but dose show small signs of age, Possibaly due to many a winter in caves on the mountains.


Not much is known of this man.
He has romed the lands for aslong as time.
He has advised Kings, Elves Dwarves and Man.
He is the stuff of legends and times passed,
He has been worshiped aginst his judgement as a God despite telling of his past to some.
He is no God, Just a wise man, It may of been that he knew the Valar or was sporned from them.

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