Race: Men
Height: 5'4
Age: mid teens appearing
Family: none
Weapons: Anarmacil, the sun sword, various knives

Personality: very independant, much a loner, though really craves company, good fighter, but strong temper often gets her in fightful scrapes. Despises current picture, a portrait painted before she escaped the prisonous walls of the city from which she came. Enjoys adventures, riding, archery, and swordsmanship. Hobbies: killing orcs, talking with hobbits, walking in the woods, being a mercenary.

Appearance: Green-brown eyes, coppery hair, fair skin. Wears green hose, a tunic, and a dark green cape. Always wears Anarmacil at her side, as well as a number of knives.


Appeared mysteriously from nowhere that she’ll tell about, Aarien was forced to marry the cruel prince of the southern lands, a fat and stupid lout that likes women. Escaped to the north and wandered inadvertantly into the shire, where stayed for a short time before going on her way to fight evil and bring glory to her name.

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