Gender: 2
Race: Human
Height: Approximately 3 and a half feet tall.
Age: Aayla is six years old
Family: She is an orphan: Both of her parents were killed by orcs.
Animals: Aayla has a pony named Blossom which she raised from a colt.
Weapons: Aayla is much too small and young to weild either a bow or a sword. She does carry a small daggar, but her weapon of choice is a slingshot with which she has excellent aim. Beware anyone who come within her range!

Personality: Aayla is still but a child, yet she has experienced terrible things which have aged her beyond her years. Her deep blue eyes reveal both pain and a terrible kind of steely determination and strength born from anger which should never exist in one so young. She has forgone her childhood and bears the heavy burden of revenge on her small shoulders...

Appearance: Aayla has big blue eyes and blond hair that frames her face, falling just under her ears. She cuts it with a knife, which adds to her unkempt appearance. Despite washing frequently in rivers and ponds she comes across, Aayla has not slept in a real bed for over a year and living off the land, constantly on the run, has taken a real toll: she looks like a ragamuffin. Because of her young age, her unkempt appearance, and the fact that she dresses in boy's clothes, Aayla is often mistaken for a boy by those she encounters. This is a misconception she encourages, having learned the hard way that a male child on his own is much less likely to appear easy prey than a girl child.


Aayla’s parents were killed by a band of marauding orcs right in front of her in her own house as she hid, trembling, under her parents’ bed. One of the creatures heard Aayla as she cried out when he impaled her mother on her own sword. He leaned down and reached his filthy hand toward her to pull her out from her hiding place. Aayla was so terrified her mental powers literally exploded and the house collapsed in ruins, sending heavy blocks of granite raining down on the orc who was immediately crushed to death. Aayla only survived thanks to the sturdy oak bed she was under which protected her from the falling stones.

After the creatures massacred everyone in her village and moved on toward greater conquests, Aayla gathered what few posessions and food she could and rode her pony as far away from Rohan as possible. She swore she would never return until she avenged her parent’s deaths. She has wandered Middle Earth for over a year now, hunting with her slingshot to feed herself, and sleeping under the stars on a bedroll of furs she rescued from the ruins of her home.

Ayla avoids other people whenever possible, and has become a master at hiding at a moment’s notice. Her parents always warned her not to tell anyone about her powers, and she lives in terror that someone will find out. She is mistrusting of all strangers and it takes a long time to earn her trust. People who encounter her often call her a little “wildcat”. Yet, at night, when she banks the fire and curls up alone on her furs, Ayla allows herself to cry… The pain from her parents death has faded into a deeper yearning for human companionship; a desperate need to trust and to love.

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