Gender: 1
Race: Human
Height: 6' 2"
Age: 34
Weapons: Cutlass, dagger, pistol, cannon, ship

Personality: Benjamin Smith is in one word, treacherous. Backstabber, cunning, sly, liar. He is short, ill tempered, and has an at times sadistic humor. has absolutely no regard for human life when there's money involved, and doesn't think twice about burning down entire towns if he can gain from it. Only those closest to him are the ones he would have a bit of trouble shooting, but otherwise you best act in a favorable manner. Strangely enough, he is extremely polite to women while on land, but any woman on his ship does a man's worth of work, which usually discourages most of his crews various girlfriends from tagging along. Benjamin above all else loves treasure and adventure, and also enjoys plundering helpless merchant vessels.

Appearance: Long, dark brown hair in a fashionable pirate hat, sometimes a bandana. Usually starts out clean shaven on voyages but ends up with a long scraggly beard by the end.


While he was given an English name, no one is really sure about “Bloody Ben’s” nationality, because he neither talks nor looks English. Was once an honest sailor for the Spanish Treasure fleet in it’s decline, but after clashing with pirates and witnessing the plundering of his ships was overtaken with greed and became a pirate. Starting as a sailor, he rose quickly in prestiege, for he knew the Treasure Fleet’s route, but as the Treasure fleet slowly declined and less treasure was to be had in them, his services were less and less needed. In 1747 he took control of his own ship and put together a rough crew to attack a merchant ship sailoing to the Americas. he intersepted them while they were anchored in a small trading island in the Carribean. He took the grandest ship for himself, then proceeded to loot the town. Once he was finished he burnt the town and the other ships, thus aquiring the name “Bloody Ben” in the Caribbean. He sailed to a safe harbor, murdered his crew and took all the booty for himself. Thus he came to aquire one of the best ships in the Caribbean but lately it has fallen into disuse and deteriorated, and “Bloody Ben” is currently seeking to find, buy- or steal a new one.

more as threads develop . . .

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