Gender: 2
Race: gondorian
Height: 5ft 6
Age: 20
Family: dad { celdmir} at the moment but dies in battle, brother, mam until orcs invaded the village and burns the house down
Animals: horse, light brown with a white mane.
Weapons: sword, bow and arrow, hunting knife

Personality: She is determined to protect country and king Aragorn, confident and daring, not really sociable also independent.

Appearance: blue eyes, fair brown hair, lightly tanned skin from her journies.


her mam got killed/ burnt when Faelwen was 6. while her brother was 12 years old. she grew up in minas tirith under her farthers and brothers protection. when her brother was 18 he joined the rangers of ithilien. she learned to use a sword/ wepons and she ran away and joined the rangers when she was 16 she kept herself to herself to hide her gender that she was a women. 2 years later there was a big battle against haradrim and she fort in it but her brother and farther where there too. Her dad was killed and his last words were “My daughter?”when the battle ended Faelwen and her brother took there farther and burried him under the same place her mother was burnt.

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