Gender: 2
Race: Elf
Height: 5'10
Age: 2119
Family: Maermellon - her father, and Ararun - her mother
Animals: Her tall, gentle mare: Ninim
Weapons: Her bow and a few knives.

Personality: Mereniel is a curious and joyful person. She loves everything that her race is well known for, such as music, nature, and being in the company of good friends. She is loyal to those she considers her friends, and would face death for them.

Appearance: She has a fair face with bright blue eyes framed by long, golden hair. She has a slim figure but is physically strong.


Mereniel spent almost the entirety of her life in her Mirkwood home. She learned her skill with a bow from her father, who was among those in King Thranduil’s elven guard. Her mother had been an elfmaiden from Rivendell, and when she grew older, Mereniel had a desire to visit with her elven kin in that city. So she left her home in the heart of Mirkwood with her snowy mare, Ninim, to venture forth in areas of Middle Earth she had never before seen in hopes of reuniting with family.

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