Gender: 1
Race: Elf
Height: 6' 2''
Age: 6524 years old during the War of the Ring
Family: None. Both parents deceased.
Weapons: A Master of blades, Sirioldad carries two long Elven fighting knives with dark oak handles and brass pommels, sheathed in leather scabbards attached to his back and hung from right shoulder to left hip, allowing for a swift and deadly draw during combat. In addition to these knives he carries at his left side his fathers blade, a sword of Gondolin, close in lineage to Elrond's weapon Hadhafang. Finally, at his right side Sirioldad keeps on him an Elven hunting knife for close quarters combat and wilderness chores.


Sirioldad is one of the few Exiles of Gondolin. A survivor of the Fall of the Great Hidden city, Sirioldad was born in the year 508 of the First Age, his father serving the High-King Turgon as a keeper of one of the city’s seven great gates. But a child when the city was destroyed and his father killed, Sirioldad escaped as his mother followed Tuor and Idril to escape. Dwelling thereafter with the remaining Exiles near the Mouths of Sirion, the great river after which he was named, and under the lordship of Eärendil, Sirioldad was rasied by his mother who passed on many of the skills of the father to the son.

After raising her son to be both strong and wise, Sirioldad’s mother succumbed to the grief of the loss of her beloved husband and passed away before the end of the First Age, but not before entrusting to her son his fathers blade, a fine sword of Gondolin and one of the few surviving relics of the city.

Sirioldad dwelt in Arvernien untill the destruction of Beleriand during the War of Wrath, whereafter he fled with the remains of his kin and helped build the city of Lindon, founded by the last High-King Gil-Galad, on the shores of the Great Sea in the west of Middle-Earth.

Sirioldad remained in Lindon for the first 1600 years of the Second Age, untill Sauron returned after the destruction of his Master and forged the One Ring. Thereafter he faught in the War between the Elves and Sauron, untill the capture of the Dark Lord by the King of Númenor. Upon the defeat of Sauron, Sirioldad returned to Lindon for more than 150 years.

After the fall of Númenor and the return of the Dark Lord, Sirioldad marched in the host of the High-King in the Last Alliance, taking part in the 11 year seige of the Black Land. After the ruin of the Dark Tower and the death of his Lord Gil-Galad, Sirioldad returned to the west to dwell in the haven of Imladris with the High-King’s herald Elrond, with whom Sirioldad had previously dwelt in both Lindon and the Mouths of Sirion.

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