Great Music – the music sung by the Ainur (spirits) to Ilúvatar before the making of the world; it tells of the shape and history of the world which was afterwards granted existence by Ilúvatar.

Awakening of the Elves – literal coming into life of Elves; took place under starlight on the shores of an inland Middle-earth sea around which they thereafter lived for long.

Great Journey – the journey of most Elves from Middle-earth to Valinor after the Valar invited them to dwell there; took place some time after the Awakening of Elves.

Darkening of Valinor – the destruction of the Two Trees of Valinor by Morgoth and Ungoliant, after which the only source of light left were the stars.

Oath of Fëanor – unbreakable oath taken by Fëanor (the maker of the Silmarils) and his sons after Morgoth stole the Silmarils: to regain the jewels for their House and destroy anyone who withholds them.

Doom of Mandos (Doom of the Noldor) – prophecy uttered by the Vala Mandos when the Noldor were preparing to leave Valinor for Middle-earth after the First Kinslaying: that their return to Middle-earth would bring much grief and ill-fortune, and that they may not return to Valinor.

Girdle of Melian – a girdle of enchantment created by Melian the queen of Doriath to protect the kingdom; prevented everyone undesirable from entering Doriath; ended when Melian left Middle-earth after her husband’s death.

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