The question on everybody’s lips recently has been ‘Will Peter Jackson make The Hobbit into a film?’ and I can say with some degree of certainty ‘Yes he will’. It is just a matter of time before we will get to see this enchanting story on the big screen. Debates over the ins and outs of making this film have been raging but I hope to clear up all the confusion here and now.

Many sources have confirmed that Peter Jackson is interested in producing the Hobbit but there are many obstacles in the way. Firstly PJ is currently occupied in directing the remake of the classic movie, King Kong. He would also like to make another small New Zealand based movie before returning to the world he spent 7 years of his life in.

The biggest obstacle to the film’s production is the ownership of the rights. ‘New Line Cinema’ owns the rights to make the film however ‘United Arts/MGM’ owns the rights to the film’s distribution. In essence this means ‘New Line Cinema’ would fund a film they would receive little money for. The legal rows continue over this but all we can do is wait and hope for the best.

If the film is produced, we have lots to look forward to. Sir Ian McKellen has expressed his interest in participating in the Hobbit. He is very much looking forward to playing Gandalf the Grey again as he found Gandalf the White to be ‘a stick in the mud’. PJ has hinted that other favourites from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy including Andy Serkis, Hugo Weaving and even Liv Tyler may also be involved. Weta workshop is almost certain to be involved so we should get a film that fits well within the world PJ has conjured up. And if this is the case I personally can’t wait.

by Vaulrir

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