-an interview with Aowyn

How did you find CoE?
I was doing a search for FoTR pictures and ran across CoE’s gallery. The site looked more relaxed than a lot of LoTR fan sites I had visited, so I signed up.

What are your duties here at CoE?
Adding pictures to and generally caring for the Fan Art (member’s portion) and Member Galleries.

What are your favourite areas of the site?
Gallery and Discussion Forums

How often do you visit CoE?
At least once a day on average, probably more.

How many times have you read the books?
At last estimate…..about twenty times. I generally read them once a year, sometimes more.

Who is your favourite LOTR character?
Frodo. Sam is a close second.

Do you have a favourite scene from the trilogy?
When Sam refuses to let Frodo leave for Mordor on his own.

What character left out of the films do you miss most?
Prince Imrahil.

Do you know any Sindarin or Quenya?

What are you looking forward most to in ROTK:EE?
The romance of Faramir and Eowyn.

Short Bio
I’ve been a member of CoE for a little over two years, in “real life” I am a high school biology teacher who enjoys gardening, reading good books, and hiking.

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