In the book version of The Two Towers when Faramir’s company stumbled upon Frodo and Sam, he let them go without too much of a struggle. In the movies he went as far as taking them to Osgiliath. He was portrayed this way for a reason. The question is, what is that reason? His brother, considered the stronger of the two, fell to the ring’s power rather quickly. So here he, with the most powerful weapon right in front of him, has to make a very important decision very fast. He also had his father to consider. His father who always considered him as weak when compared to his brother. Then Boromir died and he had to try to fill his brother’s shoes. Faramir thought that in order to be loved by his dad he had to get that weapon and win the war. So he did. He “showed his quality,” though it wasn’t the quality that he wanted to show, and he soon realized this. At least that’s my opinion.

by Elbereth339

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