A link you may have missed while checking CoE is the “Let the Hobbit Happen” site. This site was set up by a now large group of loyal fans of LotR who want to see a live-action make of “The Hobbit” come out. Thus, the site is a “call to arms (or pens)” for others who would enjoy seeing “The Hobbit” on the big screen.

The site’s specific aim is to campaign for a live-action make of “The Hobbit”, to be created by Peter Jackson and Co. They hope to achieve this by sending waves of letters and postcards to the studios who own the rights to LotR: namely New line Cinema and MGM/UA.

There are several ways you can support the site’s efforts. You can write a letter to one of the addresses listed on the site, or download a postcard to print off and send. There are even 5 kinds of letter templates that are easily accessed and filled out. If you’re pressed for time, the site also has an online petition and a newsletter.

Some facts:
-The site has already won the support of New Line Cinema in the form of a letter that you can read on the site
-This leaves two more addresses to send letters and postcards to, also listed at the site
-The online petition now has 10 000 names
-300 sites (including CoE!) have joined the site’s cause

by Beruthiel

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