With Lord of the Rings posters everywhere you look, you often wonder which one to buy? Well that is why I have decided to write this article. I have searched through many posters and have found four that I find the most enjoyable. These posters are the covers of the three movies, and the new character poster. I chose these because they represent the films as a whole.

First I would like to talk to you about the Fellowship of the Ring poster I enjoy. This poster has an excellent layout, having what some people would the most important character in the story up front, Frodo. Clearly this poster had well chosen pictures as well. If you take the time to look into each character’s face, you can see their struggle, their mysteriousness, and their wisdom. Of course the movie is not all about the good in Middle Earth, so I find it very fitting that this poster has the evil Nazgul on it, and some of the elvish script from the one ring.

The second poster is on the cover of The Two Towers. As the film goes into its middle section, it gets a lot darker. You can see this just from the poster. As you look at it, one of the first things you see is the towers on each side. It represents the looming darkness that is approaching not only Frodo, but all of the people of Middle Earth. Each person in this excellently made poster fits perfectly in place, as do the words as well. It obviously follows the same format as the first poster.

The Return of the King poster is a classic poster, one that shows the whole story of the Lord of the Rings. It shows the fierce fighting and tremendous sadness. This is where everything ends in the movies, and this poster is a great way to end it. As you glance at it, you feel a surge of war inside of you that makes you want to help Aragorn on his journey to become King, help Frodo destroy the ring, and overall, help save Middle Earth. This poster would look great on a wall by itself, or with the two other posters I have just described above.

There is one other poster I would like to tell you about however. It is one of the newest, if not the newest poster for the Lord of the Rings; Return of the King. If you were disappointed that your favorite character has never been on a poster, this is the poster you will want. It shows 20 members of the cast from the Lord of the Rings starting with Elrond and ending with Bilbo. It also lists the actor or actresses name and the character they played. You will not be disappointed at this five foot long poster because its creators gave it a wonderful flow.

Here are the first three posters
Here is the fourth poster

In conclusion, you now have an excuse to go out and get a Lord of the Rings poster to hang up on your wall because you know which ones are good. Of course there are many more good ones, but these are the best that cover the entire films. For the fangirls that are out there, there are many Legolas posters that you can find.

by Gimli_and_Gollum

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