Manwë: The Chief of the Valar, Lord of the West called also Súlimo, the Elder King, Ruler of Arda

Manwë, brethren of Melkor in the thought of Ilúvatar, was the dearest of all the Ainur that came to the lands of Arda to Eru. His power is second only to that of Melkor or Morgoth as he was named by Fëanor after the taking of the Silmarils. Manwë was compassionate and wise yet he did not understand evil and he was deceived by his brother, Melkor, and so from his strength came darkness.

Manwë delights in the wind, clouds and all the regions of air. Súlimo as he is named means ‘the Lord of the Breath of Arda’. All swift birds he loves, those closest to his heart are the eagles that come and go at his bidding. His name, meaning ‘pure, blessed, unmarred’ is held with great reverence in the halls of all the races that dwell in Middle-Earth. With Manwë resides Varda Elentári in their halls above the everlasting snow in the uttermost tower of Taniquetil. When together Manwë sees further than all other eyes and Varda hears more clearly than all other ears.

When the age of the Lamps ended and Arda plunged into darkness the land beyond the sea was not forgotten by Manwë. Hawks and eagles brought word to him of nigh all that occurred in Arda; yet some things remained hidden from his eyes. Manwë has no thought for his own honour and is not jealous of his power but rules in peace. The Vanyar he loved best of all the Elves and from him they received song and poetry. His raiment is blue, as are his eyes and he has a sceptre of sapphire wrought by the Noldor. He was appointed to be vicegerent of Ilúvatar, king of the world of the Elves and Men and chief defense against the evil of Melkor. Elves believe that men are often a grief to Manwë as they resemble most of all the Ainur.

After the ending of the Great Battle, the host of the west came to the lands of Beleriand and overthrew Morgoth’s throne, the elves of the east were admitted again to the love of Manwë and the pardon of the Valar.

by astarielle

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