When I first joined this realm, I admit that I was a bit scared. I was surrounded by all of these new people that were a really close group, and I had no clue on how to fit in. Immediately though we began to bond, not just on the things we have in common, but our opposites as well. We even created little inside jokes within the first few days of me being around, and that’s what I really appreciated in the beginning, but now so much more has come to make me feel like I will be in this realm forever.

One thing about my personality is that I like to have fun, and if there isn’t fun I like to create it. I didn’t see the need to create it in the realm of Manwë because we had awesome games such as the quote game, and others. This has gotten better and better as the weeks have passed, and now we even have games to see how well we know each other. One of my favorite games right now is the Riddle Game because it makes me think, and every once in awhile I need to do that.

Games, however, was just one of the starting points. It brought us together and had us find out who we were to each other. The next step for me was getting involved in regular discussions. I found out that the more I was involved, the more I didn’t want to leave my computer. We talked about mainly the Lord of the Rings of course because that was what we all had in common.

One of the newest things in our realm is realm points, which encourages people to post more and be more active overall. The winner gets an avatar made for them and a signature picture as well.

For me the realms have been a great experience, meeting new people and making new friends. I would just like to encourage you all to join a realm. It doesn’t have to be Manwë; any realm is a good one.

by Gimli_and_Gollum

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