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Long we drifted on dark and mighty seas lonely we swam through clear and cold water As soft shining pearls, their beauty still covered lost in the swirl and the vastness of the ocean But suddenly there was a hand that directed us a hand with incredible power and gentle love Ulmo took us in […]


Hearken to me peoples of Arda. Sing me your lamentations. Sing to me of your pain and suffering. Call out to me Ea; land whose birth I saw. Bring me your troubles. Bring to me your aches and sorrows. I am Nienna the Weeper. My tears I shed for you Arda. I see your pain […]

Everything you wanted to know about Rivendell, but were afraid to ask

Elrond’s obsession with dresses, of course. Everybody always brings their best dresses to wear when they’re in company of the Lord of Imladris, but for some reason those always disappear. Some sweet little elf comes to wish you goodnight and then suggests very friendly and politely to wash that beautiful dress you wore during dinner. […]

Music Review: The Steward of Gondor

Perhaps one of the most heart-rending moments in the Trilogy is when Faramir leads the doomed cavalry charge from Minas Tirith to Osgiliath, so it was only fitting that the musical accompaniment be similar. The Steward of Gondor seems to fit the atmosphere in the movie at that time: sad, but somehow regal and almost […]

The Hobbit in Cape Cod

In this article at The Cape Cod Chronicle, Harwich Junior Theatre director Lisa Canto talks about the challenges of bringing Tolkien’s The Hobbit to the stage and of how, to her, The Hobbit is about, “friendship, loyalty, and being courageous”.

An interview with Morwenna

When and why did you join CoE? I can’t remember exactly how I found the site, probably via Google or another website. I was looking for either the Very Secret Diaries or pictures of Legolas (blush). I looked at a lot of Lord of the Rings sites, but kept on coming back to CoE time […]

Happy birthday Marton Csokas

Marton Csokas was born in new Zealand on 30th June 1966 and is 39 today. You can see his cast bio here. There’s a picture of Marton here and some pictures of Marton in the role of Celeborn here.

Happy Birthday, Marton.

Tolkien’s inspiration for Gandalf is up for auction

A painting by German artist J. Madelener called Der Berggeist, the mountain spirit is up for auction by Sotherby’s in London on 12 July 2005. Said to be the inspiration for Gandalf, Tolkien had a postcard featuring a reproduction of this painting and he wrote on its paper cover ‘Origin of Gandalf’.

This item is part of the English Literature & History sale which also has other Tolkien related items for auction including two signed letters by Tolkien and a set of the trilogy signed by Tolkien with a letter in which he talks about Tree and Leaf and the Silmarillion, you can view this item here.

Lord of the Lawsuits

CNN reports that Peter Jackson is suing New Line Cinema, alleging that the studio committed fraud in the way it dealt with some of the revenues made by The Fellowship of the Ring movie. His lawyers believe that as a result PJ may have lost £100 million. New Line Cinema is contesting the case.

Billy Boyd to appear at The Fellowship Festival

The Fellowship Festival 2005, due to take place on 27-29th August at Wembley in the UK, has announced that Billy Boyd will be one of the special guests. You can read more about the festival and book tickets at their website here.