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An audience with Andy Serkis

In support of Barnardo’s, Andy Serkis is hosting a charity event on 8th December, in London, UK. Entitled “Small hobbits, giant gorillas and other adventures of a cyber actor”. Andy will be holding sharing a fascinating session of storytelling and discussion along with a visual presentation, followed by the opportunity for an intimate meet and greet with guests. Andy will also be auctioning off some prized memorabilia from the films he has worked on.

There will be two sessions, a lunchtime session at 1pm and an evening session at 6pm. You can find further details, including how to book tickets here.

Sorry about the downtime…

We’re having some server issues, folks. Hopefully the server will behave itself now, and we will have no further downtime.

Return of the King – soundtrack review

The Return of the King – the complete recordings, is due for release on 20th November. You can read a comprehensive review by Mike Brennan at

Awarding the recordings 5 stars his verdict is, “this complete recordings set is a must for film score fans…the amount of unreleased music here is astounding and a welcome addition to collections, especially the full versions of the charge of the Rohirrim..Shore’s thematic complexity and the care in which he wove them through the film is truly stunning”.

Try a class for free with the Professor

You can listen to and download Dr Corey Olsen’s introductory lecture entitled, ‘How to read Tolkien & Why?’ here. This lecture “deals with Tolkien’s own ideas about how stories should be read and why they are important, focusing primarily on his Preface to the Second Edition of the Lord of the Rings, his essay “On Fairy-Stories,” and some of his letters”.

Dr. Corey Olsen, English professor of medieval literature at Washington College and Tolkien scholar, will be posting a series of lectures on Tolkien’s work on his site. Please note that only the introductory lecture is available without charge.

Lord of the Rings is the top book in Bulgaria

The Lord of the Rings has been voted as the most popular book in Bulgaria in a survey carried out by Helikon bookstores. You can read the full story here .

John Howe in London

Artist John Howe will be at Forbidden Planet, London, UK on Saturday 17th November. According to his official website John will be will be signing copies of his latest book Fantasy Art Workshop “and whatever else is placed in front of me”.

You can see some great examples of his work in the CoE gallery.

Lord of the Rings – stage version CD

Indian airline, Jet Airways, have entered into a sponsorship deal for the CD of the London stage version of the Lord of the Rings. The CD will be available at the Theatre Royal, London from December and will be on general sale in January 2008. You can read the full story here.

Reading Lord of the Rings again and again

A recent UK survey showed that Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings is the second most re-read book. You can read the full story and see the top 20 list of the most re-read books here.

Lord of the Rings Online

In an interview at Gamasutra Jeffrey Steeple, executive producer, and Adam Mersky, director of communications for Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar, discuss topics including working with the Tolkien license and how the game has been performing since it was launched earlier this year.

Return of the King soundtrack – delay to release date

Howard Shore’s official website reports that the release date for the The Return of the King – The Complete Recordings, has been put back to 20th November. The delay is due to the temporary closure of the San Diego assembly plant due to the recent fires.