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Hobbit script – first draft due soon

At Comic-Con Peter Jackson revealed that the first draft of the script for The Hobbit should be submitted to Warner Brother in 3-4 weeks and that the movies have not yet gained financial backing. You can read the full story at

Who will be Bilbo?

In an interview with Empire Peter Jackson has quashed the rumors that an announcement will be made at Comic Con as to which actor has been cast in the role of Bilbo. According to PJ they are in the process of working on the script and they won’t be announcing who will play Bilbo “for a little while”.

Hobbiton is being re-created report that, “The hobbit holes of Matamata are coming to life again”. Work, including planting fruit trees and marking off the sites for new hobbit homes, has started on the site used for Hobbiton in the LotR movies. Filming of The Hobbit movies is due to start in March 2010.

Book Club- The Firstborn have arrived!

The CoE Book Club, in our ongoing discussion of The Silmarillion, has moved on this week to Chapter 3 of the Quenta Silmarillion; ‘The Coming of The Elves and The Captivity of Melkor”

Feel free to pick up your copy and join in!

Tolkien trial reports that the case taken out by Tolkien’s heirs against New Line Cinema will be heard in the Los Angeles Superior Court in October this year. Tolkien’s family and the Tolkien Trust are asking for more than $220 million compensation and “also want the option to terminate further rights to the author’s work”.

LOTRO Design a Horse Contest

Lord of the Rings Online, a massive multiplayer online game, has announced a new design a horse contest. The winning entry will be implemented as a mount into the game, and the winner will receive a Turbine goodie bag and unique forum title as well.
You can read more about the contest here!

Quenta Silmarillion

After discussing Ainulindale and Valaquenta, the Book Club now moves on to Chapter One of The Quenta Silmarillion, that portion of The Silmarillion that deals chiefly with the First Age.

Everyone is invited to read along with us and to feel free to join us in the discussion.

Happy birthday Liv Tyler

Today, July 1st, is Liv Tyler’s birthday. She was born in New York on 1st July 1977 and is 32 today. You can take a look at her cast bio here. You can view pictures of Liv here and pictures of Liv in the role of Arwen here.

Happy Birthday, Liv.