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Realmer’s Digest #5 available for download!

The June issue of our long running Realmer’s Digest magazine has finally hit the stands. Featuring an exclusive peak inside Weta Workshop, huge 60 page special on Gondor, improved graphics and much more.

Be sure to download your copy here.

Jackson in negotiations to direct The Hobbit

In what appears to finally be the light at the end of a Hobbit hole, Deadline reports that Peter Jackson is now negotiating a deal with Warner Bros, New Line and MGM that will set him as the director of the two Hobbit movies.

You can read the exclusive bulletin here.

LotR Online to become free to play

Good news for all LOTRO gamers, the only Middle-Earth MMORPG will go free to play starting this fall!

You can get more info about the game or sign up for Beta here.

Richard Taylor knighted

Richard Taylor, the genius that co-founded Weta Workshop and collected 5 Oscars for their amazing work on the Lord of the Rings movies will be joining Peter Jackson as one of New Zealand’s knights.

You can read the full story here.

Happy birthday Karl Urban

Karl Urban was born in Wellington, New Zealand on 7th June 1972 and today Karl is celebrating his 38th birthday. You can read his cast bio here. In the CoE gallery there are pictures of Karl here and of Karl in the role of √Čomer here.

Happy birthday Karl!