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Tolkien letter sold at auction for £1,700.

According to The Telegraph, a previously unknown letter written by J.R.R.Tolkien, after a less than wonderful vacation, has just been sold at auction. Click here for more details.

New Bilbo picture (with Dwarves)

Click here for a new image of Martin Freeman, as Bilbo, standing with some of the Dwarves.

Roll out the barrel!

Filming of the scene where Bilbo and the dwarfs escape from the elves by hiding in barrels has been taking place at the Aratiatia rapids near Taupo in New Zealand.

Spill gates from a dam were used and every time there was a dam release 20 to 25 barrels were released. You can read the full story here

Evangeline Lilly interviewed by Entertainment Weekly.

In a recent interview for Entertainment Weekly, Canadian actress Evangeline Lilly discussed her role in the action movie ‘Real Steel’ and also described what it is like playing a warrior elf in Peter Jackson’s ‘ Hobbit’ movies. For the original interview click here.

Peter Jackson at the Sundance Film Festival

Click here to watch Peter Jackson explain how to The Hollywood Reporter how much more filming remains to be done on the first Hobbit movie.

Elijah Wood talks about his time on The Hobbit

Elijah Wood talks about his filming experience on The Hobbit with

Are you ready to be a Hobbit extra?

Casting calls for extras for The Hobbit are being held in New Zealand. Learn more about it at here.

Andy Serkis interviewed by, ‘Hero Complex”

On Jan 13th Andy Serkis gave an interview and Q&A session to the La Times ‘Hero Complex’ division. Click here for the video of this rather extensive interview in which Serkis discusses screen capture and its use in his roles in TinTin, Rise of The Planet of the Apes, and The Hobbit movies.

New Bilbo Picture

The L. A. Times, in its ‘Hero Complex’ section, has just posted a new picture of Martin Freeman, looking somewhat the worse for wear, as Bilbo. To see the picture, and read the accompanying article, click here.

Richard Armitage on playing Thorin

Richard Armitage has just been named to MTV’s ‘Ones to Watch’.
Click on this link to go to MTV’s interview of the British actor in which he discusses his career making role, playing Thorin, in Peter Jackson’s ‘Hobbit’ movies.