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Click here and here for updates on the Box Office Stats for ‘The Hobbit;An Unexpected Journey’. (note that the ‘4’ in the total for ‘Rise of the Guardians’ should actaully be a ‘$’ sign)

For a list of the thirteen Dwarves ranked by ‘hotness’ click here.

For the second ‘Empire Online’ one-hour podcast click here.

For the details behind Neil Finn’s ‘Song of The Lonely Mountain’ click here.

For information about, and tickets to, ‘An Unexpected Art Show’ to be held in L.A. On Feb 22nd click here.

For a ‘Huffington Post’ article justifying, and explaining, the extra non-book scenes added to ‘The Hobbit; An Unexpected Journey’ click here.

For a look at a Life Sized Lego ‘Bag End’ constructed of 2 million Lego bricks click here for the article and here for the builder’s Facebook photo album.

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