Daily Mail Online`s Barry Norman has released his list of the top ten epic films. Click here to see which of Peter Jackson`s `Tolkien`; movies made the list.

Sir Ian will be presiding at the wedding of his friend Patrick Stewart. Wizards can do that, you know. See more by clicking here.

Singer Ed Sheeran recently visited Peter Jackson. Click here to read about what he left with when the two exchanged gifts.

Although we often hear complaints about how few female characters can be found in Tolkien`s Middle-earth books, the author originally fielded complaints about the female characters he used. Click here to learn more about why the complaints were made, and to learn more about Tolkien`s use of female characters.

Click here for the first available pics of Evangeline Lilly as Tauriel. (Please note that many sites have removed similar pics by request and these may not be available for long)

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