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Final 2012 News Update; Bilbo’s Adventure Stays on Top; Health Lessons from Hobbits; Celebrate Tolkien’s Birthday

Click here and here for the Box Office results for the final weekend of 2012.

To read what kind of health lessons can be learned from Tolkien’s Hobbits click here.

For information concerning some of the planned 121st birthday toasts for J. R. R. Tolkien click here.

Todays’s News Roundup; First Night Review: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey; OPINION- Kill the ‘Hobbit’ subsidies; Sir Ian McKellen Has Prostate Cancer; Andy Serkis plays dual role in “Hobbit”; Ancient ‘Hobbit’ Revealed; Best Adapted Screenplays of 2012; McKellen defends Peter Jackson

Click here for The Independent’s review of ‘The Hobbit; An Unexpected Journey’.

Click here to read an opinion piece on why government subsidies for Movie productions need to end.

Click here to learn about how Sir Ian Mckellen has opened up about his prostate cancer fight.

Click here to read about Andy Serkis’ dual role in ‘The Hobbit’ trilogy.

Click here to see a reconstruction of the ancient humans that anthropologists have been referring to as a ‘hobbit’.

Click here for an article about the best adapted screenplays of 2012.

Click here to learn what Ian Mckellen thinks about Peter Jackson’s decision to release ‘The Hobbit’ as a trilogy.

Oct 31st Update; Denny’s TV Ad, Hobbit Themed safety Film, Homo Florensis not a ‘Hobbit’ and WB shop has the Collectibles

You can watch the new Denny’s ad here.

Air New Zealand’s new in-flight video, “An Unexpected Briefing,” can be found here.

To read about the restrictions against calling Homo Florensis a ‘Hobbit’, click here.

You can see what is now available at the WB Shop by clicking here.