Bag End illustrated by John Howe

Have you always wanted a Middle-earth décor, but the options seem overwhelming? This article will show you simple steps to creating your dream room.

  • Choose one centerpiece for your room. Examples include a sword or other weaponry (available from specialty stores) or plants. Night blooming plants such as moonflower send off a scent that is wonderful to fall asleep to.

    If you are having difficulty choosing something, one way to focus your thoughts is to go back to the books or DVD and see what you like most about the room you are imitating.

  • Place your item so that upon entering the room, the line of sight automatically gravitates toward it. You may need to simplify other decorations or clutter to do this.

  • You may also wish to rearrange some furniture. In the films, Dwarvish designs are well defined, whereas Elvish ones are more free-flowing and make use of curves. If you like, you could arrange your chairs in either a V or U shape, depending on the look you are going for.

  • Accent the room around the centerpiece. For example, I found a lovely Elvish looking switchplate at a local department store. Other ideas include a new blanket or tablecloth or perhaps even a new paint color for the walls. Simplicity is the key here.

  • Another method of accenting as seen in Rohan is to pick one simple motif or symbol and repeat it throughout the room. For the Rohirrim it was the horse, something that was important to them and reflected who they were. One fun way of choosing a motif for yourself is to create a coat of arms and see where it leads.


Some things to ask yourself …

What is this room used for most often?

  • What do I like most about this Middle-Earth room design?

  • What do I imagine Rivendell, Moria etc. to look like?

  • What are my favorite aspects of the current room design?

  • What is my favorite color scheme?

  • If I were to create a coat of arms for myself what would it be?

  • What fascinates me about Middle-Earth?

    Remember, this is your room and it should reflect you. You do not need to turn your space into a full scale replica of Peter Jackson’s interpretation (or anyone else’s) in order to have a Middle-earth décor. Let your imagination go; you never know where you’ll end up.


    Images from CoE Gallery

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