By pesto

With this mobile you can capture the beautiful music made by the breeze.

You will need:

Beads–color, size, etc. of your choice
Tubes–wood, lightweight metal, etc.
Two disks and one end piece for the bottom–mine are of wood, but you can use metal
String or very thin cord–try to find colors complementary to the beads, as this will hide your knots better
A bead needle (optional, but useful)

How to:

1. Start with the disk which is to go on the top; drill holes if there are none. Make sure you have the same number of holes on the top and tubes. If not you can make a long string with beads. I had to do that as I had 5 tubes and 6 holes. Decorate the disks to make them more Elvish-looking.

2. Attach a string, about 40 -50 cm, in one of the holes. String beads on it and attach the tube when you have reached a proper length. Make it as long as you want.

3. Decide whether you want a ascending style or a flat end. For the ascending, bead the rest of the strings and attach tubes (as described in # 2), but make each string slightly longer. For the “flat end” make sure all strings with tubes are of the same length

4. For the string in the middle use about 70cm – 1m of thread. Pull the tread thru the center hole, to keep the “uro” from falling down use a large bead as a stopper. Then bead halfway down, until you have reached the middle of the tubes. Now its time to attach the smaller disk, string it on and make sure you have a large bead beneath. Bead the rest and tie the (in my case) petal securely on. Go back to the top, tie a bead on the string to prevent it all from slipping off (in case, for example, somebody holds by the petal and nothing more.)

5. Hang it out in then wind, and listen. Or hang it in your room as decoration.


**For an Elvish style, decorate the wooden parts with paint of appropriate symbols.

**Adjust the colors of the beads to room you are planning to have your mobile in.

**To catch the wind properly, you will need a big piece at the bottom.

**For different tones, make sure you find tubes of different length. I would not recommend that you cut the tubes yourself, as this will most likely make them very untuned.

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