~ by lindele

Browns and grays are the best colors for walls; make sure to keep it dull. If you can manage to paint some cracks in your wall that would make it look very authentic (more like a stone wall)

You could try making a model of a board with crossed axes to hang above your bed. This can be made by using cardboard for the blade and backboard (and painting it the appropriate colors), and then possibly using a cardboard tube for the handle, though you could make it out of construction paper.

If you have a chest, try painting it a stone gray. Painting some Cirth on it found at omniglot is a good page to teach you how to do that) with black or a darker gray might add a nice effect.

For curtains, make them a heavy, opaque material (remember, dwarves lived underground, so they didn’t need curtains), probably a leather-ish brown.

There is a good idea for making your door look like the entrance to Moria here that was submitted by Sindaeririel to Last Homely House a while ago.

‘Moria’ illustration by Alan Lee

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