A mirror can add a nice elvish touch to that blank wall you just don’t know what to do with.

What you need:

-A small round mirror
-A thin round piece of plywood, the same shape but slightly larger than your mirror
-Decorative leaves, ivy, flowers, or other things that give an elven impression
-Hot glue/ hot glue gun
-Green sharpie and silver glitter glue


-Glue the mirror on the center of your plywood
-Sketch out an ivy pattern around the sides with the sharpie (stenciled or freehand, mine was freehand)
-Using hot glue, glue the leaves on the plywood sticking out from the mirror
-Trace the edge of the mirror with silver glitter glue
-Let dry, and voila! You have an elven mirror

Tips and hints:

-Don’t use too many decorations or it will look cluttered. Use a couple or a few, and rely on the ivy to fill the blank areas
-Elven colors. This means no clashing, no neon, soft, muted colors and outdoorsy decorations
-Smaller mirrors work best. Mine was about the size of an outspread hand. Unless it’s a full-length mirror, a large mirror might look a little too noticeable or even a little odd hanging on your wall.
-Have fun and be creative. Yours isn’t going to look exactly the same, maybe you want to add ribbons, or maybe you want to change the colors and make a Gondorian mirror. It’s up to you.


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