Color Schemes

The Easterlings tend to favor rich, dark colors. Indigos and dark reds are very common, especially amongst their armor. Gold is also more widely used than silver. Deep purple and black are also good.


The challenge here is deciding what type of Easterling theme you want to go with. The style can range from Middle Eastern to Indian to Asian. Generic styles include: forgoing chairs whenever able, for large comfy pillows, using low to the ground tables, and beds without footboards or headboards. As a general rule of thumb, dark wood is preferable to light. For a more specific ethnic design, do an internet search for Eastern decorating. Traditional Eastern designs are more authentic then some of the modern ones.

The Bed

As I already mentioned, it should be without a headboard or footboard. Lots of thin layers of sheets and blankets should replace a single heavy comforter. Include a lot of various pillows.

Window Treatments

Floor length, thin curtains are the best. The curtain rods should be a gold or brass color.

Hang window prisms for decoration, placing them where the sunlight will best catch their reflection, filling the room with sparkling rainbows.


Again, this depends on if you see the Easterlings as being closer to Middle Eastern or Asian. For Middle Eastern, brass floor lanterns with brass wall sconces are probably the best choice. A more Asian design could use Chinese paper lanterns, or even a mix of both.


Bright, exotic plants are best for an Easterling design. However, bonsai trees could also be used.


If you want a Bedouin-Easterling design, a large-scale element would be to arrange curtains or sheets so that they are gathered together on the ceiling and then were attached to various places on the walls, giving the appearance of a tent.

– Beaded curtains, if they are simply beads or plastic jewels could be used for doorways

– Small fountains, especially if they mostly consist of metal or are Asian in design.

– Tile mosaics, using geometric designs, can be arranged on walls or, if possible on floors.

The possibilities are many – especially with a variety of cultures to choose from, along with your imagination.

~ Pandorasbox

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