Say your horse’s mane is way to long but you don’t want to make it look like you took a mahete to their mane by using scissors. Why not try mane pulling?

What you will need
1. Halter and leadshank or crossties.
2. Mane comb.
3. Pulling comb.
4.grooming kit.

1. Catch your horse.
2. Tie up your horse or put him in crossties.
3. Groom him so he’s in a good mood.
4. Comb through the mane to get out the tangles.
5. Start to pull the mane by wraping a few strands of hair around the pulling comb about the length of what you want to take off then pull working from top to bottem.

Some horses hate mane pulling and may get agressive and bite,kick and lash out so you may want to sedate your horse if he acts like this.

By. rachelriderofrohan

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